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Water Memory, Thoughts, and Intents

Did you know that our thoughts and intents are carried in our cellular memory? How is that done? Through the water in our bodies. Water carries a memory of everything around it and since we’re made up of nearly 70% water, it would only make sense that what we see hear, and feel would be captured into the water within our cells.

Over on the Healing Frequencies Music website, I have four articles on the subject of water memory. If you want to know more from the scientific end of things, I recommend that you read those articles and watch the suggested videos. All four articles are on the Blog page. We’ll assume from this point on there’s a general understanding that water carries the memory of what it comes in contact with.

Although I mention the story of Jacob and Laban in Water Memory: Part 3, we’ll dig into the spiritual side of that story here. For your reading pleasure, here is that story taken from the New Living Translation on the website Biblehub.com of Genesis 30:37-42:

Image by Pixabay

Then Jacob took some fresh branches from poplar, almond, and plane trees and peeled off strips of bark, making white streaks on them. 38 Then he placed these peeled branches in the watering troughs where the flocks came to drink, for that was where they mated. 39 And when they mated in front of the white-streaked branches, they gave birth to young that were streaked, speckled, and spotted. 40 Jacob separated those lambs from Laban’s flock. And at mating time he turned the flock to face Laban’s animals that were streaked or black. This is how he built his own flock instead of increasing Laban’s.

41 Whenever the stronger females were ready to mate, Jacob would place the peeled branches in the watering troughs in front of them. Then they would mate in front of the branches. 42 But he didn’t do this with the weaker ones, so the weaker lambs belonged to Laban, and the stronger ones were Jacob’s. 

There are questions that immediately come to mind:

  • How did Jacob know that he could even change the way his flocks looked?
  • Where did Jacob get the knowledge on how to do it?
  • How did Jacob understand that by putting something in water, it could affect the way his flocks looked?
  • Why is this story here and why such detail?

Some of these questions, I have vague answers to and others, I’m still waiting for more revelation. What I do know is that when something jumps out at me saying, “Hello! Look at me!” from scripture, it’s probably a good idea to see what’s up. It takes time and persistence but I’m doing the full body plunge into this. The key for you when you do the same is to keep going back for more revelation!

If you’ve read my previous blog posts on this site, you’ll understand that I’m learning how to engage the kingdom realms on the other side of the veil. I call this “practice.” It’s not only practicing being in the presence of YHVH but learning how to function as a Son of God through relationship. Like everything else, it takes practice. No, I don’t have a special gift. If anything, I have the gift of persistence because I understand consistent practicing.

Image by Pixabay

Back to the story… In watching some of the water memory videos, a minister talked about a study involving holy water and casually mentioned this story. My mind immediately started thinking, “Yes! There’s something to this… an example of water carrying memory from so long ago!” To say the least, I was a bit excited. And, to have knowledge of something that long ago that science is just beginning to understand? Priceless!

I know that in order to fully understand scripture, it’s necessary to look at the original text in Hebrew. This is something I’ve also been delving into for quite some time. Armed with my limited knowledge of Hebrew, I wrote out the Hebrew words for these verses. I then looked up the meaning of each letter in every word. I have several books that provide excellent descriptions of the meaning and properties of each Hebrew letter. That information along with listening to Rabbis (and others with good knowledge of the subject) teach on the letters allowed me to put together a somewhat coherent meaning of these verses.

Here’s the cool part… after I had done the research, I engaged the story so I could learn more about what really happened. You know, it’s that “I’d like to be a fly on the wall so I can watch” thing. I didn’t know what to expect but I was confused for quite some time at the beginning of the engagement and thought I was way off. The long and short of it – I ended up in a laboratory in heaven, a place I’ve never been. I watched some “experiments” and learned more about intents, words, and frequencies. Not only did I gain a better understanding of this situation but about how color, sound, words, intents, and desires all work together in harmony when they’re based on the same “fundamental.” Remember, because I’m a musician, YHVH often talks to me using language that I understand.

What I can share about this experience involves realizing that Jacob understood something because he had spent time in the kingdom realms learning about such things. Back in his day, they didn’t have the technology that we do today. In a sense, they understood relationship with the God-head much better than we do. We depend way too much on what’s around us in the world for answers. That being said, just like I was able to, Jacob could ascend at any time to learn how to function in the kingdom realms first. He could then bring the revelation of that down to earth and release it to come to pass, here in the realm of earth. I believe this is what he did in this situation.

This is where water memory comes in. If you read my blog posts concerning water memory, you’ll understand that science is still fighting over the validity of such claims. However, there seems to be credible evidence pointing towards the fact that water carries the memory of what’s put in it. Does it seem so much of a stretch that Jacob understood that if he put something into the water of his flocks that it would affect them? Read Genesis 30, starting in verse 25 where Jacob tells Laban his “wages” will include keeping all the spotted, striped and speckled flocks. Obviously, he had some knowledge about what to do by verse 25. Then, he implemented his plan. He tells us in verse 37 what he did to carry out the plan, and with some decent detail.

A key point in this story involves the importance of thoughts, intents, and actions. Jacob was given a blueprint of what to do and how to do it. That, there’s now doubt only because of the detail provided in the story. He also had an understanding that by “putting the face of the flocks” towards the truth, they were able to produce what was in the truth. Notice in the story that not only did the flocks drink the water but, they also looked upon the rods (branches in this translation). In those rods was the truth of what was to come to pass. How many times are we instructed in scripture to put our face towards the truth?

Now, let’s look at the other obvious bit. Jacob put branches and specific tree pieces into the water. It’s been known for thousands of years that plants have certain properties for specific purposes. In this case, the water became the carrier of the desired properties of those specific trees. That intermixed with Jacob’s intent and the blueprint, created a governmental positioning for what he desired to come to pass. Although scripture doesn’t mention it, I have no doubt that Jacob did quite a bit of declaring and speaking over the flocks and the water “recipe” he’d created for this occasion.

My main point? This story shows a couple of things: 1) words, intents, and desires frame a reality. Jacob framed that reality in the kingdom realms and released it on earth. 2) Water was the vehicle used to put that blueprint and reality into motion. And, it was long-term, continuous, and persistent. There was no “I’ll try this for a couple of days and see what happens” mentality. Jacob knew that he knew the instructions and didn’t waste any time in carrying them out.

How can this help us? I think it’s important to understand the power of our thoughts, intents, and desires. Once we frame them up, there are many “carriers” to help bring them to pass. Secondly, I believe this story shows that water is a powerful carrier. Why else would our bodies be made up of nearly 70% of it? I believe this is one reason that flower essences and music essences work. Our intent and desire for them TO work intermixed with the intent and desire of the person (or company) who creates such things “arc” together to bring us the desired result. Even in quantum physics, we see that intent changes everything.

Image by Pixabay

Because water carries memory, and our bodies are full of it, it’s not a stretch to understand that what we think, say, and do will be imprinted within the water of our bodies. I believe that’s one reason why it’s so important to be mindful of what we say, watch, listen to, and do. I believe that if we changed our “thought and word” life, we’d be healthier. Jacob understood this. His flocks were healthier than Laban’s. Add some flower essences, music essences and healing music into that mix and you have a great recipe for assisting in bringing the body, soul, and mind into their intended position as a Son of God.

Conclusion – Jacob understood a truth that we are just now beginning to see scientifically. The only way he could access that information was through the “come up here” principle of entering into the kingdom realms. He also understood the power of words, truth, heavenly science, and how to imprint that into water. As we learn to function in the same manner, we’ll not only build a stronger relationship with YHVH but we’ll be given keys to things that will unlock what we need for living on the earth. Now, that’s what I call awesome!






Genesis 30:37-42, Jacob and flocks, Jacob and Laban, specked spotted and striped flocks

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