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Sonic Warfare of Love

What IS sonic warfare of love? Simply put, it’s all about using love, a higher frequency, to override the negative – a lower frequency. Science is proving that positive words can “power over” negativity. It literally renders any opposition powerless.

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In preparing this article, it all came from a download I received from Yahweh about His love as a weapon of warfare. I turned that into an activation, or a meditation if you prefer. The song that I used as the background music came from a time that I was meditating on the peace of Yahweh and how we can be infused with His love and peace.

Hear me out here as I journey into this next part. Many of you reading this will remember how deliverance ministries took off and became popular in the 1980’s. I joined a church where they began looking for demons everywhere. I watched as the deliverance team cast demons out of anyone who would let them. For most of it, I stood by and watched. For the next twenty or so years, churches had deliverance teams. Whenever anything would go wrong, it was “there’s an attack by the enemy!” Intercession was so much about dealing with the antics of the devil. Honestly, it never made sense to me so I simply didn’t participate.

I used to teach elementary music. I watched kids do some pretty dumb stuff. One day, a kindergartner came up and yanked on my shirt saying, “Ms. H… Ms. H! Jimmy stuck his tongue out at me!” Without a blink of an eye or bat of my eyelash, I asked him in an inquisitive tone, “Was it black?” The kid was confused and said, “No.” My reply was “Well, then you have nothing to worry about.” He went back to his seat, sat down next to his friend and we started class. That particular day, there were two college students (potential music educators) observing my class. I always wondered what they wrote about that day…

WHY do you think this kid tattled on his classmate? When I share this story and ask this question of future music teachers, I get a myriad of answers. The bottom line is that the child wanted attention. I call his behavior an AGD or “attention getting device.” There’s an approach to behavior management called “Teaching With Love and Logic.” by Jim Fay and David Funk. My answer to this kid was based out of what I learned in this system of behavior management. If you can identify why a kid is misbehaving, it helps determine your response. It saved my teaching career – it’s that good. Notice the word “love” is in the title. Even the authors understand the power of love within a classroom setting. As a side note, they have a version of the book about parenting with love and logic.

You’re probably asking what this has to do with the sonic warfare of love. Glad you thought it. In my story, the kid wanted attention. I didn’t give him the attention he was asking for. Well, not in the way he was asking for it. He expected that I would stop proceeding with class and pay attention to him. When that didn’t work, it caught him a bit off guard but it also diffused the situation. His subconscious purpose was to garner my undivided attention. Kids often misbehave because we tend to pay attention more to bad rather than good behavior. The premise of the book is to “catch them being good” and respond to positive behavior instead of the bad. Ignore the bad unless the behavior is super disruptive so we focus on seeing the good in a child. Rewarding the good breeds good behavior. Paying attention to bad behavior, encourages more of it. Bringing this back around… the enemy’s behavior is always bad so I just ignore it. What he does makes no difference to me.

What is the first thing we do when situations around us are chaotic? What about when we’re stressed out or things go horribly wrong? How do we react? What is the first thing that goes through our minds or comes out of our mouth during these times? Do we start to blame shift? From Christians, I hear more often than not “I’m under attack by the enemy!” How often do we ask “Father, what are you showing me in this?” If I turn and look at the enemy’s antics, it would be like me focusing on that kindergartner who was tattling on his friend. The enemy is constantly putting AGD’s in front of us to get our attention off Yahweh. I want to be armed and dangerous… with LOVE.

Not to be totally blunt but life sucks sometimes. We have to learn to be in this world but not OF it. That means when circumstances happen to and around us, our first reaction should be to look to Yahweh for the solution. Our maturity is determined by HOW we handle life circumstances. The junk that goes on around us presents great opportunities to use the sonic warfare of love.

There’s an African tribe – when a child does something wrong, the whole village brings that child into the middle of a circle and sings his/her song over him. The mother, when she finds out she’s pregnant, will go off into the wilderness to learn the child’s song. When she has it, she comes back and teaches it to the whole village. The purpose of the song is to help the child move into his/her identity. So, when he/she messes up, rather than punish the child, the village reminds the child what’s in his/her identity through singing the song. This is using the sonic warfare of love. It’s literally loving the child back into his/her identity. Why is it warfare? It’s all about taking something negative and overriding it with the opposite.

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Now, let’s apply this to our daily lives. At the time of writing this article, I’m at the end of a six-year wait concerning the loss of my home to a highway. I’ve had ample opportunity to walk in fear. People run off at the mouth and tell me all kinds of things that I should expect (or not expect). We are so good at giving our opinions. Those I’m close to have gone with me into the kingdom realms to see and understand this situation. Because of that, I’ve been able to stay in a place of peace (most of the time). Should I choose to do so, I could turn and look at what the enemy is doing and how he’s trying to stop the progress. I must mention here, in this situation, we’ve dealt with it the way as shown by Yahweh. I’ve been using this situation as practice of deeper intimacy with Yahweh where I look to Him for the truth in the midst of this circumstance.

How am I using the sonic warfare of love? There are people that drive me nuts. I’m not going to pull any punches on that one. In this case, it’s a group of environmentalists who have an agenda. Father has me releasing His love, light, and glory over the whole project, people involved, those losing land, and others who are losing their homes. I see in the spirit this blanket of love, bringing the light and glory of Yahweh into and through the land itself as well as all those involved. Although I see minor changes in the natural, this is where I live by faith knowing that the prayers of a righteous man avail much. The work is done in the spirit where I can receive directly from Father and then release that revelation into the atmosphere of the earth.

I have not commanded or demanded nor have I said to the enemy “In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over _________.” I have made declarations but those come from what I’m seeing Yahweh doing and showing me. My goal is to release HIS heart and love for the situation and the people involved. I’ve grown a lot in understanding how to be in that place of rest IN HIM on the mountain of my life so that I rule and reign over the situations in my life from that position. Circumstances are truly under my feet because “in Him,” I’m above circumstances.

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Moving onto some technical information. Science is proving that our thoughts, intents, and words really do matter. When we release the higher frequency of love, peace, joy, and kindness, those are sonic frequencies. Hate, frustration, bitterness, and other yucky words are also sonic frequencies. Where the sonic warfare comes in has everything to do with our thoughts, intents, attitudes, and words. If we choose to use the resonating frequencies of love, joy, and peace, we’re sonically sending those frequencies around us. They override the negative which in turn makes what the enemy does completely immaterial.

In the activation, I present (over the music) a method of practicing this. It must come from a place of rest, which is one reason there’s calming music in the background. Then, I include the music alone so people can practice on their own. That’s what I do… give people practice tools.

I would venture to say that when we stop chasing demons and focusing on things as an attack of the enemy, we’re going to be in a better place. Just because it may have worked for a season (and for many, at a huge cost), doesn’t mean it’s the best method. Yes, it was an introduction into our authority as believers but, I think there’s a better way. As I’ve said before, when we fight on the same level as the enemy, we’re fighting in and on his territory. I’d rather go higher for that “up here” advantage where he can’t touch us. Most of the spiritual warfare as we’ve seen has been conducted from earth towards heaven. We’re always saying “Holy Spirit, come down!” Instead, we have an invitation to “come up here” and facilitate from that position. Yahweh’s sonic warfare is conducted from heaven and then released on earth. It’s also from a position of rest and love. Love truly does conquer all and when love is our focus, so much changes in our lives.

On that note, I have an appointment to go look at some houses.



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