This page includes teachings and activations by Del Hungerford that can assist you on your "sonship" journey. 

As you engage with the teachings and activations, they provide an opportunity for you to "practice" your sonship. What is sonship? It's stepping into our position in Christ. If we don't act like sons (God's kids), then we don't get to inherit what's ours to begin with. Sonship is part of who we are. However, if we don't do something with our role, we won't fulfill it. How do we step into our role? We practice changing our mindsets so we begin to live love through our actions. Take the teachings and activations presented here and fit them to your specific needs and learning style. These are only meant to get you started on a path. You must follow your own path once you're on it - not something someone else has laid out for you. With the Trinity, you learn to step into your call so you can function in your personal kingdom piece. Don't expect it to look like others. Do your own thing!

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Mountains, Gates, Castles $45

The Mountains, Gates and Castles 7-session teaching set is designed to help you...

  • Bring your being into greater wholeness - spirit, soul, and body.
  • Determine what may be causing "dis-ease" in your system.
  • Learn a method of releasing trauma and replacing negative experiences with greater emotional stability.
  • Connect the "gateways" of your inner being so they communicate efficiently.
  • Learn how to function from a position of Perfect Love where you "govern" your life for greater emotional and physical well-being.

This teaching describes Del's journey as she healed from a 19-year sickness. Understanding the proper connection and flow of Perfect Love between spirit, soul, and body was a key discover that led to restoration - spirit, soul, and body. 

VIA Assessment and Passion Recipes $20

Understand your passions! Create "passion recipes" using your character strengths! Step into your true identity by discovering your passions and what character strengths drive those passions.

This course includes the following:

  • Lesson 1: Find what you're passionate about
  • Lesson 2: Discover which character strengths drive your passions
  • Lesson 3: Create "passion recipes" that bring you sources of income
  • Lesson 4: Set goals and plan your path forward

In this course, you'll take the free version of the VIA Character Assessment from their website. CLICK HERE for that link. 

How Do I Know if I'm Maturing? $4

This teaching is all about assessing - assessing where we currently are and then using that gauge to determine growth over the next few months. Or, take a past point in our lives and gauge it with where we are now. But, we can't compare/contrast anything unless there are two items to compare. In this case, it's time periods in our life. 

The goal of this teaching is to help the Body of Christ understand that maturing and character building is a process. It will look different for everyone and as we "come up here" to the presence of God, we learn "in Him" how to go through the process of maturing as we assess the progress.

Thoughts, Intents, Action $4

Thoughts are the building blocks behind all behaviors. Our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts that demand our attention every day. It's what we DO with those thoughts that determines the outcome. There are four parts to the equation: 1) thoughts, 2) desires, 3) intents, and 4) action. 

In this teaching, Del breaks the process down into minute detail so we understand how our thoughts can get the best of us. Thoughts alone can do very little. It's only when they turn to desires and intents that an outcome is determined. We learn in scripture that life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Does the Enemy Matter? $4

Over the years of "Christendom," we've learned a lot about spiritual warfare. We've had lots of practice fighting the enemy on his turf. As we grow and mature as Sons of God, we can move to a new level and higher position of warfare that's strategy based directly from heaven. How do we do that? First of all, by understanding that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. We don't fight people on spiritual matters, even though our words often demonstrate that we do. Where our spiritual warfare lies is going into a position of higher authority and releasing from that higher position, much like dropping a bomb only works from a higher position.

As maturing Sons of God, we've practiced casting out demons, stomping, spitting, scratching, and a whole lot of other techniques in our dismantling of the enemy. However, we often get damaged in the process. This teaching looks at spiritual warfare from a perspective of looking to Yahweh and putting our focus there rather than on the antics of the enemy.

Heaven's Courts - the Court of Accusation $4

There's a court system in heaven just like there is on earth. Everything on earth is a replica of what's in heaven. It's a matter of learning to understand how to utilize heaven's court system. Just like on planet earth, there's protocol in place in how to operate in heaven's court systems. They are not places to get what we want but to conduct Kingdom business, including being judged. 

This teaching focuses on the "court of accusation" sometimes also called "the mobile court." When we go into the court system, this is the first court we encounter. The purpose is to be judged in this place. As we mature and are given more responsibility and authority, other court systems open up for us. We learn that part of the process of intimacy with Yahweh involves taking a hard, long look at the issues in our lives that hold us back from advancing to new levels of maturity. The court of accusations is where we go to take care of those things in our lives that need to be judged. It's NOT a place to take other people, especially without their knowledge. 

Functioning From the Seat of Rest $4

The "seat of rest" is that place in Christ where we rule and reign the situations in our own lives. What makes this a special place is that we govern our lives from the kingdom realms - a higher position. We liken this to a mountain where everything within miles can be seen and "governed" all from one place. It's much like the old lookout towers that rose high above the tree line where special spotters could look for forest fires. Our seat of rest is in a similar place where we can "see" all that goes on in our lives. It's from that position we make daily decisions in our lives.

How do we do this? It starts by using a sanctified imagination where we envision being in the place with Jesus so that together, we "govern" our lives. This involves understanding spiritual "mountains" in our lives and how we can use symbolism to assist in our journey into intimacy with Yahweh. Symbolism is a great tool for exercising our spiritual eyes. It's important to never underestimate the gift of our imaginations!

Understanding Our Identity $8

What IS identity? Who are we in Christ? How do we find out who we are? What can we do to understanding what being "in Christ" is all about?

These are all questions we often ask when looking at how we are to function "in Him" through life. It starts with us being comfortable with who we were created to be. That often involves spending time in a discovery mode so that what comes at us IN the world system doesn't define us. What happens to and around us should not make or break us. As we learn to function as a Son of God, when we focus on who God says we are, we then begin to build our true identity.

In this teaching set, there are two separate sessions. Several helpful resources are given throughout so be sure to grab a pencil for note taking as you listen. Resources are a major key to any journey. Del shares with you what's helped her. 

Sonic Warfare of Love $10

In this activation/meditation, we learn how to war using what I call the "sonic warfare of God." It's not about demanding and commanding the enemy around because when we're in the position of rest, in the kingdom realms, with the God-head, the enemy can't touch us. By releasing the higher frequencies of the love, light, and glory of God, they dispel all darkness. It's a form of sonic warfare against those things that try to bring us down. 

When we infuse ourselves with God's love, light, and glory, it literally chases away darkness that may want to linger around us. With practice and warring from that place of rest in Him, what the enemy does in our lives no longer matters. I walk you through a sample process in how you can do that when circumstances want your attention. 

Walking in Divine Health $10

Walking in Divine Health: Engaging the DNA of God

In this meditation, we focus on our thoughts and the words of our mouth. As the Word says, words create life or death. We choose the words that frame our lives. And, they affect our physical being. In this exercise, we get to practice learning how to re-frame negative wording with the positive aspect of something that may appear negative. For example, instead of owing a sickness by saying "I have a cold," we can learn to say "There are symptoms of a cold trying to latch onto me." There is a difference. Once we say "I have," it's ours. By making small choices in our wording, it is possible to change what happens in our physical body. We can walk in divine health. But, it starts with our own words.

Cleansing Power of Communion $10

In this meditation, we get to take communion! Communion is all about receiving the DNA record of God into the core of your being. Through an act of faith, we can daily receive the Blood of Jesus that infuses us with all that He is. It also brings health and healing into our physical bodies. Communion is no longer only for that once-a-month time with a gathering of others. In our intimate place with Jesus, we can receive all that He is to assist with our daily walk. After taking communion, imagine expanding your spirit so that you can take more authority over the things in your life, bringing them under the cleansing power of the Blood of the Lamb.

Positive Thoughts Through Language $10

In this meditation, I ask you to find another special place with God - a place where you can meet with him on a regular basis. Consider this intimate place to be in the garden of your heart. I give the example of sitting with Him on a park bench in my heart garden. Then, from that place focus on releasing any negative thoughts, attitudes, and words. In place of those, receive the opposite and begin declaring that over yourself. This exercise is all about allowing negative thoughts to be washed away as they are replaced with well fertilized thoughts, intents, and desires that are directly from the heart of Father just for you!

Setting Boundaries $10

In this exercise, you'll find that special place to meet with Jesus. Ask Him where He'd like to meet you. On a different day, you choose the place. It's from this place you develop great intimacy with Him. Hand Him your cares and anything that might be keeping you in bondage. Then, ask what boundaries you can set so you can walk into more freedom in your life.

As with all the activations, the more you practice what you desire, the more it will become a part of you. This often requires making it a daily focus so mindsets begin to align with God's character.

Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms $50

"Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms" is a teaching lesson/practice set of 8 lessons on building up your spirit man through being in the presence of the Father. This is not something that happens without practice. The goal of this series is to help you (no matter how busy you are) cement practical practice principles through patience and perseverance. 

In this complete package of all 8 lessons, you'll receive the following:

  • MP3 teaching for all 8 lessons
  • MP3 exercises for practicing ascending via your heart garden, the throne room, the strategy room in heaven, meeting with Jesus, and finding a favorite place in heaven to meet with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.
  • PDF to support each lesson
  • Bonus material on building character!  

Pathway of Kingdom Practice $10

In this teaching set, Del shares her own journey of practice protocol that she uses in her process of developing intimacy with Yahweh. Goal #1 is intimacy. Goal #2 involves consistent and persistent practice. But, how do you do that? As a classical musician, Del transfers the tools of her "trade" into learning how to be "kingdom minded." 

You may learn a little about music and how young students get a good start on their instruments but, there truly is a pathway of proper practice protocol for most anything. Del simply looks at it from a musician's perspective and fits it nicely into how we can solidify our journey with techniques that should be helpful for anyone desiring to understand that "art" of being consistent.

The Throne of Your Life With Jesus $10

As you begin this meditation, imagine that you're with Jesus in that place of rest "on top" of your life. Every circumstance is below you because you rule over it. In that place, in Christ, you live, move, and have your being. From this position, sitting on the throne of your life, you govern all the details of your life. With Jesus as your advocate, all worry, frustration, and negative emotions can be covered with the Glory of God to help bring you into that place of rest, where you have access to heavenly assistance. It's only out of that place of rest we function at our best. We're "in Him" and He's in us. From this position in Christ, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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