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Functioning from Spirit, Soul, and Body


Have you ever been on a journey that seemed to take forever? On this journey, it's all by faith where eventually answers to questions came through living life? 

In 2019, I moved further north in the state of Idaho after losing my home to eminent domain. That followed walking through an abusive marriage where I discovered my true identity in the healing process. It seemed like many things were a bit haywire for a season but somehow I knew light would be shed upon the process. From 2010 to late 2023, I worked through a lot of life "junk" so I could be healtier - spirit, soul, and body. That journey of discovery led me to understand there is an order in which our being prefers to function. I describe that process in this post and in several writings I've done over the past few months. 

ENTER.... February of 2024

I'm sitting in my strategy room in heaven with Papa. I hear, "it's time to write another book." I'd been pondering the idea for some time but hadn't quite decided or even figured out how that would look, maybe because I was also in the middle of making the decision to move locations again. 

In 2009, I'd written the book, But Words Will Never Hurt Me. As you can tell by the title, the book was about living through an abusive marriage. In 2015, I added a supporting workbook. 

After learning about and practicing "kingdom protocol," for quite some time, it was evident the new book would be a sequel to But Words Will Never Hurt Me. Sitting down at my computer in early February while snow and super cold weather continued to drown north Idaho in wintery goodness, I began to write. After some time, I felt the title of the book should be Transforming Mindsets. (Click on image to purchase the book.) Why that title? It involved me completely reframing everything I thought about how to function in life.

After writing Transforming Mindsets, I went on another journey of discovery as the Lord began to speak to me about my journey of healing over the last twenty years. For readers on this website, it's obvious in my books that I've followed a few "fringe" teachers that the religious community tends to scoff at. I have to ask the question about the elephant in the room to these people... Is what you're doing working? If so, where's the evidence? Evidence demands a verdict. Hmmm... I think there's a book with this name by Joshua McDowell. His book is about Biblical archeaological discoveries. Mine is about how people in church walk in healing - spirit, soul, and body. 

The question remains... what are WE doing to demonstrate life abundantly? Are we living what we speak? How are we demonstrating the Love of God to those around us? Do people want what we have? Do we mostly live a healthy and vibrant life? Is our "joy meter" higher than it's even been before? Do we see things from a positive perspective even in the middle of negative junk? If we answer yes to these questions, then we're doing the right things despite what religious communities have to say. Therefore, I rest my case. The proof of our heart attitudes lies in our behavior. 

Immediately following writing Transforming Mindsets, I knew there was more work to do. I then began a teaching (self-paced class) where I show people my process of walking into greater healing. This came through a variety of teachings along with a lot of self-discovery and spending time in the garden of my heart with Father, Jesus, and those within the Cloud of Witnesses. Some now call the garden of our heart the "inner castle." It's the term I use in the teaching set because it's what people are familiar with. 

As I put together this new teaching, I went back over the last 14 years of my life and began to piece together the process of discovery. What led to everything? I was sick and couldn't understand what was causing the illness. The doctors couldn't figure it out. Counselors and inner healing experts were stymied and I had nowhere else to go but directly into the arms of Jesus. Using my sanctified imagination, I continued a journey of discovery into how our being functions - one like a mountain where we "resonate" or shine forth to others what's coming from our inner self. When we learn to function from our spirit that aligns with the Perfect Love of God, everything lower down the mountain comes into alignment. When we function from our soulish emotions, the best we can function is from the bottom half of the mountain. In this teaching set, I use mountain symbolism to describe how our spirit, soul, and body work together. To purchase the teaching set ($40), click on the image. 

A snippet of what I learned in writing this teaching set...

I realized that I had to learn to function from my spirit that's connected directly to God. First Love plus spirit equals healthy living. Some say the spirit can be corrupted. I disagree. Why? I think it's more of a blockage between the soul and spirit. This happens when our main functioning ability comes from the soul where we're led by negativity that comes from our emotions. During this time, the spirit takes a back seat. 

I had to re-awaken my spirit. I did that through opening and cleansing the "gateways" of the spirit, soul, and body. Once the spirit gates are opened and filled with Perfect Love, the soul says, "Hey!? What's going on up there? I want some of that!" The soul then has an anchor for living out of abundance. The body, which sits at the bottom of the mountain hangs in for the ride and eventually realizes what's coming out of the soul is much different that before. A positive outlook on life, despite circumstances causes the body to ask, "Hey!? What's going on up there? Let me in on the secret!" 

We know that emotional issues settle in the body. There's plenty of science out there now to prove this. I'm also living proof of how that works, too. After doing gateway work DAILY for about 9 months, I realized that the 19-year illness was gone! How did that happen? Finally, my spirit had taken its righful place at the top of the mountain where it could see everything from a higher perspective as it entangled with Perfect Love. Because my spirit took its rightful place on my "seat of rest," my soul could step into its proper position as well. The body can then follow suit. The entire process is still ongoing as I continue to mature. It will be the same for you. 

The other puzzle piece involved understanding my strengths and how to use them. I created another teaching set (click on image to purchase it for $20), where I figured out methods of categorizing our strengths and passions. As per my usual method, I hear teachings of others and create my own exercises and step in my heavenly strategy room for more guidance and direction that uniquely fits my design. Part of my "call" in life is to discover simple methods of learning how to do things. I then show others and hopefully, this helps their journey. This is the job of a teacher, which comes natural for me. 

We all have passions and desires. As I began to function on my personal mountain seated "in Christ" on the throne of my life where I'm functioning from a position of rest, everything else began to fall into place. I finally understood there is an proper order for functioning as a spirit, soul, and body being. This creats a three-stranded cord or "bench of three" as some say that brings about a governmental authority we have over our lives. This is truly mountain top living! When I'm seated in rest with Christ, I'm not a living sacrifice that continues to crawl off the altar. Why not? It's because I stay seated "In Him."

When I do get off my seat of rest, it gets easier and easier to get back on once I realize what I've done. At first, I was too steeped in "stinking thinking" that had seered itself into my consciousness. That took time to unravel. As I began to walk through what I've presented in these two teaching sets, and my book, I've become a healthier person, spirit, soul, and body. My personal journey of healing is told in the book, Transforming Mindsets. If my journey resonates with you, I encourage you to see if what I have to offer may help you.  

May you enjoy your own personal journey of discovery! The most important factor? Enjoy the journey!


May, 2024


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