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Step into "sonship" as kings and priests in the Kingdom of God through developing relationship with the Trinity

The main focus of Supernatural Lessons is to tell a story... a story of transitioning from maturity to maturity through life experiences. Is everything that happens to us good or bad? Or, can difficult situations be used as tools to launch us into a deeper relationship with the Trinity? Through blogging about her experiences concerning "all things frequency," Del Hungerford began to see the spiritual side of how and why the universe fits together like a well-oiled machine. On the Healing Frequencies Music website, Del explores the technical details of frequencies. Here, on Supernatural Lessons, she tells stories of how the frequencies within the entire cosmos connect to the spiritual part of humanity as we step into our position as Sons of God. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, we can mature into who we were meant to be from the beginning of time... 

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If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, Del has prepared several teachings and meditations to assist you. There's lots of activations and exercises to put into practice. Click the link to the right to be directed to her materials.


I'm  Del Hungerford

Supernatural Lessons is one of my many websites. Interestingly enough, they all connect in a story-like fashion where the various puzzle pieces fit together to create an amazing picture of how humanity fits within the bigger picture of the universe. 

On my journey, I discovering a wholeness that's brought me full-circle into a place of restoration within my spirit, soul, and body. With an open mind, I'm learning to understand that God is bigger than a religion that functions with set paradigms and structures. What I thought I knew about the unconditional love of God was limited because I was a wee bit fearful of stepping out of a set "Christian" box for fear of being deceived. Fear of deception kept me from moving forward until I was forced out of the box due to some interesting life events. 

From a position of God's rest, peace, comfort, and love, I discovered the expansiveness of who God truly is by stepping into His presence daily as described in Revelation 4:1. I call it the "come-up-here" principle where we foster a real-time relationship with the Trinity.

Naysayers can take a back seat and judge by the fruit. When you go from a place of complete and utter chaos through a restorative healing that leads to living from a position of joy no matter the circumstances, the fruit speaks for itself. If you're ready and willing to set aside preconceived ideas, join me as I go down the rabbit hole into the deep mysteries of the Creator of our Universe!

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