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Experience the Resurrection Power

What is the resurrection power all about? Do we truly understand what Jesus did for us on the cross and why he did it? How does it affect us? What does being “in Him” mean? As we engage the resurrection scene, we can experience the power behind this monumental event.

In the spring of 2017, I attended a retreat where we were invited to engage with the resurrection scene. I sat in a corner in the back of the room, allowing my spiritual eyes to “see” the resurrection while the worship team played some quiet music in the background. You know me, I love music as a trigger into engagement. So, this worked rather well for me.

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As I stepped into the scene with the eyes of my imagination, I found myself standing next to Mary. Together, we watched as Jesus carried the cross. I could feel her pain and helplessness. I’m sure Jesus tried to tell her at some point but how do you explain something that people have no grid for? She was about to witness the horrific death of her son! The fear was evident through her tears of confusion and sorrow.  All I could do was wrap my arms around her and cry with her. My focus during this time was on Mary, not on the scene unfolding in front of us. It’s interesting to note that I could hear it but I didn’t look. It’s during these times one must realize that when we engage with situations and scenes in the kingdom realms, it’s not always going to be pleasant. There’s a reason and it’s simply a matter of asking Yahweh the right questions to understand the depth of these encounters.

Not long after the retreat, I began to engage more of this story. It started with the recording of “Deep Calls to Deep”  (which includes the 713 Hz that is said to be the resurrection frequency).  Between June to November of 2017, I revisited the scene more, allowing myself to see and feel what Jesus did for me and HOW it can change me. Notice that I said “how it CAN change me.” Everything is a choice. Once we see and engage something, there are choices to make. Many times, that involves releasing old paradigms and belief systems. When scripture comes alive, that’s often what happens.

After reading the crucifixion story in Matthew 26 – 28, once again on a cold November evening in 2017, I engaged the entire scene yet again. This time, I was a general bystander where I could see from several angles. It was difficult to watch, especially knowing what was going to happen. And, the fact that Jesus went through such horrible pain, not saying a word, was even more staggering. Somehow, he was able to separate that extreme physical pain from understanding what must be done. What he went through would throw anyone into physical shock within the first few moments of the beatings. And, He allowed this to happen to Him for all humanity – past, present, and future. That’s love at work.

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The evening was intense but without saying much more, I suggest that you, too, allow yourself to engage the crucifixion scene. For me, creativity is often spawned through music. So, my “seeing in the spirit” that night was done while sitting at my keyboard where I created three songs in the 713 Hz frequency, responding musically to what I was seeing in Matthew 26 – 28. The term they use for this in the classical music world is “program music.” In a nutshell, it’s instrumental music that tells a story. You can read about the three different songs under the album “In the Resurrection Code.” During the recording session, I began to understand at a deeper level why the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is important for us eternally as well as physically, here on earth today. The final recording was completed on May 18, 2018 – a year to the date that I’d recorded “Deep Calls to Deep.”

We each have a mode of creativity. For me, it’s through music. Even if you don’t think that you do, it might be worth your while to ask Yahweh to show you where your creativity lies. Why do I even mention this? Had I not allowed myself to experience the scene as described in Matthew 26 – 28, the creation of the “In the Resurrection Code” album may not have happened. It’s all about learning to step out when an idea flits through our minds. That night in November, I was focused on something else and a quick thought ran through my mind as I thought about the resurrection scene again. It went something like this… “Maybe you should record some music as a response to the crucifixion story.”

What can we learn from this?

My first comment here involves paying attention to those far out thoughts that seem like they come out of nowhere. I had no intentions on recording a new album. I was doing a personal song for someone. Having prayed into what frequency to use, I decided to record with the 713 Hz. It was after I finished the personal song when the thought to re-engage the resurrection scene and create a new album came passing through my thoughts. I could have chosen to ignore it thinking, “I’ll do it another time.” However, the urge to do it was right then.

There are times when thoughts flash through my brain that I write down to be remembered later. It’s a matter of learning what’s for now and what’s for later. It takes practice, just like everything else. If you want to be good at anything, you must practice. There is no getting around that. Consistency is the key.

If you are new to learning to see with your spiritual eyes, start practicing. Read some of my other blog posts and check out other bits of information on this site. There are other resources that are helpful. What do I mean by practicing? Simply put, pick some declarations and spiritual exercises and begin doing them daily. This may require giving up other things but… everything comes at a cost. What are we willing to pay? Unless we exercise our spiritual senses, we only rely on gifts. It’s when we develop those gifts that the true nature of what we have to offer is expressed. A gift is a gift. There’s nothing special about it because it comes natural to us and is freely given. It’s time to exercise our gifts so that Yahweh can take that gift to the next level of maturity. I don’t know about you but I want it!

May you take the gifts put within you and begin to develop them! May the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus come alive for you so that you’re infused with all that He has for you.

Be blessed!


© 2018 by Del Hungerford




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