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The Center of God’s Name

In Revelation 4, a voice beckons John to “come up here.” He is immediately “in the spirit” where he sees with his spiritual eyes. There, he meets the four living creatures – the lion, the ox, the man, and the eagle. They represent the name of God: Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh (Yahweh). Adding the letter Shin, puts Jesus at the center: Yod, Heh, Shin, Vav, Heh.

As Sons of God (or daughters), we are “in Him,” meaning that we can stand with Jesus in the center of God’s name. All throughout scripture, the writers talk about meditation. Meditation is simply mulling over the Word of God in your heart and pondering on it. I also call this a “guided visualization” because as we do it, we can use our imagination to step into the experience. See it, sense it, and feel it. Visualize four directions – north, south, east, and west while standing in the center of Yahweh’s name with Jesus. Imagine being in Jesus and he’s also in us. Together, we are one.

When I started the journey of kingdom living, I had just attended a conference where Ian Clayton demonstrated what I call a “prophetic act” of standing in the center of God’s name. He had us face north, east, south, and west. Each time we changed positions, we sang one of the letters in the name of God – Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh. This was done four times. The fifth time, we added the “shin” in the middle, making it Yod, Heh, Shin, Vav, Heh. This represents Jesus being in the center. Not long after the event, I found a teaching on Ian’s website titled “The Four Faces of God” and what they represent to us. I’m going to sound a bit like Ian here by saying “get the teaching.” Since it came from him, I’ll send you to the original source.

Upon coming home from that conference, I began doing this activation daily. Because I like music, I eventually created a song where I do the YHVH during the song. Now, I use it every day (Deep Restoration from the album “Deep Calls to Deep“) as I visualize stepping into the center of Yahweh’s name, along with Jesus. It’s in that place, from a position of rest that I begin my day. For me, music is a great tool for stepping into the kingdom realms.

If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you’ll know that I really focus on practicing. To me, practice is a daily thing. When I want something, I go after it, doing it until I see the desired change. In this case, I’m after deeper intimacy with Yahweh. Participating in an exercise where I can do a physical act that helps propel me into intimacy is awesome! I like activations and… I like to practice. I was at a retreat recently where I told someone that a motto for me is “practice takes patience and perseverance.” I actually came up with it for my students to help them understand that practicing scales two or three times a week isn’t going to cut it. Ask any of my students the importance of that quote and how it’s helped them become better clarinet players.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to lead a group of people through doing the YHVH. I had the music from Deep Restoration playing in the background. That song came from listening to Dr. Adonijah Okechukwu Ogbonnaya teach on the 713 Hz frequency. The moment I finished watching the teaching in the summer of 2016, I went and recorded the keyboard part, visualizing what Dr. O. said in his teaching. Later, I took notes and wrote out my own declarations to say over myself. This teaching had a profound effect on me – it was that good! If this interests you, look for “Awakening the God Impulse: Session VIII.” You should be able to find it on his YouTube channel “AACTEV8.

YHVH Meditation and Guided Visualization – $10

Back to my own activations… After several people mentioned to me that I might want to make a recording with this meditation on it, I got the hint. It is now available, along with the declaration that I say daily over myself about the 713 frequency. It’s a starting point for those who would like it. On the recording, I say the declaration slow enough that people can repeat after me. In my daily devotions, I do change it up a bit based on what I sense and/or feel should be said on a given day. CLICK HERE to purchase this guided visualization/meditation. I’ve created a new song, recorded in the 713 Hz. There are two versions: 1) the music alone for you to come up with your own thing once you have some of your own direction and, 2) the music playing in the background with me leading you through the YHVH and the declaration for the 713 frequency. Lastly, I include a PDF where I explain what to do and include links to the sources that I quote. I provide those below, too.

You can easily do this on your own to your own music. In the exercise, I explain that you can either physically or in your imagination, “move” each direction as you participate in being “in Him.” You’ll face east, then south, then west, and finally north. Say (or sing with me), each letter while you look into the eyes of the four faces. If you can’t see anything right away, that’s OK. Simply do it by faith. It does take practice to exercise the imagination if you’re not used to it. The key here is to imagine being in the center of God’s name. This is what being “in Him” is all about.

Ian Clayton and Dr. Adonijah Okechukwu Ogbonnaya both have great teachings on what it means to function out of the center of God’s name. They both encourage people to practice stepping into the Presence of God, in the center of His name. From that position, we function “in Him” in all that we do on a daily basis. By doing this, it changes perceptions which ultimately changes our belief systems to bring us into deeper relationship with Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

If you’re interested in other music in the 713 frequency, visit The “Deep Calls to Deep” and “In the Resurrection Code” albums both use this frequency. There, I give more information on the 713 Hz. For Ian Clayton’s teaching on the four faces of God, visit For Dr. O’s teachings, visit his website:

Thank you for joining me on my journey! It’s all about practice and making engaging in the realms of the kingdom a part of our daily lives. The more we do it, the more we function from that place. If what I do helps you on your journey, I’m happy to create practice materials to get you started. You can start with what I have and then develop your own. Then, you, too, can share with others. Together, we can help each other step into mature sonship.



Del Hungerford, 2018


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