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The Records Room in Heaven


Seeing in the SpiritAs I learn to focus on seeing with my spiritual eyes, I understand that it all starts from my imagination. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have an imagination. Try this exercise… Explain what your childhood home looks like to someone who has never seen it. From your end, you’re describing what you remember and the listener generally forms a picture in his/her imagination of what you’re describing. It requires you to use your imagination to remember what you’re describing. Like everything else in life, the imagination needs “exercised” so it doesn’t atrophy. In the case that the imagination is stunted, it takes practice and perseverance to gain what was lost. Adulthood tends to discourage having an active imagination so for many of us, we have to relearn how to use parts of us that were shut down as we grew out of childhood.

Our imagination is from God. What we have to do is learn to get rid of the junk that comes at us through the course of life so we don’t have it clogging up what Papa is trying to show us or tell us. As the persevering “in-His-presence-engaging” becomes a normal way of life, we see and hear more from the kingdom realms of heaven.

The “Records Room in Heaven” experience happened during one of my regular (and daily) engagement times that I have with the Godhead. I simply sit down with a journal and see myself (through the eyes of my imagination) go up and directly into the kingdom realms of heaven. From that point, I don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen next. I start writing as I see, not second-guessing what I’m seeing and/or hearing. I’ll provide a simple practice exercise at the end of the experience as a guide.

The Records Room in Heaven

LibraryI see myself standing, looking at a wall of scrolls that appears to be back lit. They are all old but in pristine condition. Jesus is with me, looking at the scrolls.

“Jesus, I want to see more of the scroll of my destiny but not so sure that I want to see the other scroll. I have an idea of what I’ve not accomplished and am not sure I’d do so well looking at that one…” I sheepishly ask.

“You must understand that if you don’t see what you’ve done, it will not be helpful for you to know what you have yet to do. Remember, it requires looking at your mistakes and learning from them so you can more easily fulfill what’s in your destiny scroll” Jesus responds.

“Then show me the one I need to see first…”

Jesus pulls a scroll from the wall and holds it out for me to open. I already know which scroll this is and have a sense of dread knowing I probably won’t like it… “Jesus, I know that I’ve tried to follow You. There were times that I felt like I could never find you. I know it was my fault because I didn’t look long and hard enough” I offer.

“That’s how it is with everyone – what they often think is seeking Me is what you’d call ‘microwave information.’ You turn it on for a selected amount of time and when it’s done, you expect a prepared meal. Now, are you going to open that scroll?” He asks.

Old scrollI look at the scroll, hands trembling but I know He’s right. I slowly unroll the scroll and look at the jumbled words. A thought comes into my mind as I continue to look… my whole musical training and career flashes before my mind. I realize, to a greater degree than before, that I functioned out of need for attention and wanting to please mankind. I can now see how that belief system held me back.

“What can I do to turn this around, Jesus? Can any of this be redeemed?” I ask

“These were the places you got off track because of your hurts and insecurities. But, as you already know, I put that musical gift in you. It’s part of what’s in your scroll” He answers.

Without Him going any further, I own my thoughts, repent, ask forgiveness, put them at the feet of Jesus and cover them with the Blood of Jesus.

“You’re forgiven. Now, would you like to see how that looks in your destiny scroll?” He says while pulling out another scroll.

I know there are successes in the scroll of my life but somehow, even though I didn’t like it, I know that I had to see this scroll first. I feel a lightness that I hadn’t felt before after repenting. The fear of looking at the scroll of my life’s deeds is now gone.

“Hearing my thoughts, Jesus says “You understand why you had to see that first scroll and then deal with it?”

“I do ”

“It now makes it possible to allow for what you’re about to read to be set forth in you.”

I unroll the scroll and look at it. Again, I can’t decipher the writing but I have a sense of what I’m reading and can hear the words in my mind. I then start to see words flash across the screen of my mind… “Deliverer of heavenly frequencies to bring healing upon the earth. Carries the sound of God to be released into the body, soul, and spirit so that the body resonates at heaven’s frequency. Creative intent comes directly from the Throne of Grace to bring physical bodies back into alignment with the original DNA of God.”

JesusJesus interjects, “You are right in thinking of playing music into water. When you put your intent into the music after spending time in My presence, you bring the Glory back down and release it into the music as you create it. Yes, music essences have been around for some time but not in this capacity. The recording on the 528 Hz that you’re about to do, is what’s needed for this time.”


This experience continues with instructions that are meant for my ears and eyes only at this time. I do plan to put the rest of this story in a new book scheduled to come out by the summer of 2017.

Also, this experience happened a couple of weeks before I recorded the “528 Creative DNA” album and made the corresponding music essence. It was through my encounters with Jesus that I understood the purpose for this particular album. I understood more of what Jesus said in an earlier experience… when something doesn’t make sense, go back and get more information.

You will notice that I struggled with some things when reading the scroll of my life. So you can see how I dealt with some of my own insecurities, I don’t mind providing a glimpse into my life, especially if others can learn from my mistakes. Often times we find that areas of our giftings come under attack. The reason? It’s simple… if we get our mind onto what people tell us and want to please them instead of God, that puts us in a place of missing it.


JournalingPut on some instrumental music. I say instrumental because when you have words, it’s too easy to concentrate on those words. It works IF the words mirror what you’re wanting to do. If you don’t have any peaceful instrumental music, I do have downloads of my music on the site Healing Frequencies Music.

Grab a journal and begin writing. You will notice that I added some pictures throughout my description to help get your imagination flowing.

  1. First, imagine that you’re going directly up into the Kingdom realms of heaven.
  2. If you need a guide to do that, consider seeing a staircase leading to a doorway into heaven.
  3. Walk through the doorway and look for Jesus.
  4. If you can, try to describe some of your surroundings. If you’re new at this, you may not see much detail. That’s OK. You’ll get more clarity as you practice.
  5. Ask Jesus to take you to the records room.
  6. Once there, ask to see your destiny scroll.

We actually have two scrolls; one with our destiny and one that includes our life’s “doings.” Yep… that’s all recorded, too. But, as you saw in my case, all things we’ve done that are contrary to the heart of the Father can be redeemed. To learn more about your testimony scroll, Ian Clayton has a teaching. CLICK HERE to download that teaching.

Don’t forget to grab a journal! It’s important to write down what you see and hear so when you go back to revisit the experience, you can simply add more to that original experience. 

Please consider leaving a testimony with your experience below. Or, if you’d like to be a guest blogger and share your experience, use the “contact us” button in the right side bar. 


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