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Tree Roots and Beavers

Accessing Your Spiritual InheritanceIn our new book, “Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance” by Alice Briggs, myself, and Seneca Schurbon, we share stories about how we are beginning to reclaim much of what was untouched or simply left by our ancestors. Our stories may seem odd at first but as readers walk with us through our journeys, they begin to see how God uses what we already know and understand to bring us into a place of more freedom.

In the final story of the book, I have an encounter with beaver-like creatures living in a root system of a tree, signing scrolls. I knew in the experience they were signing wrong scrolls. However, they seemed eager and willing to sign what I was seeing as counterfeit scrolls.

Because I was in the roots of a tree, based on what we know about family trees, I understood this to be a place in my family line. Jesus pointed out a few things, helping me see what the experience was all about. By the end, I had eaten some scrolls that were left untouched by previous members in my family. However, I didn’t know what was on the scrolls. In time, I knew it would be revealed to me.

For those who have studied Ian Clayton and/or Mike Parsons, you’ll learn soon enough that when you have these experiences, it’s important to go back, revisit the experience, and get more clarity. So, I did that. There’s quite a bit of time between the two which allowed me to gain more understanding into going back and redeeming what was lost, stolen, or left by my ancestors.

Beavers and Scrolls – Take 2

tree rootsIn the second experience, I’m back in the exact place at what seems the exact same time. I recognize this only because I can see the beavers signing the scrolls. It’s at this point, I ask for more clarity and want to see what’s actually written on the scrolls. Here’s a snippet from that account…

Jesus, understanding my thoughts about gaining more knowledge, answers “This is why you came back to a place where you lack understanding. You will come here more times. As you do, you’ll begin to understand more about what’s on those scrolls. By seeing what’s on the false scrolls, you will know what’s on the scrolls you ate – it will be the opposite of what’s on the scrolls that were signed.”

“I understand that so much more now, especially since we started writing our book” I respond.

“Look closer at what they’re signing” Jesus instructs.

I see pictures, similar to pictographs. I can’t read what they say but some of the pictures do provide clues. Jesus leans over my shoulder, looking with me.

“See this?” he says, pointing to a peculiar shape.

It’s a movie playing next to the actual pictograph; the beavers are eagerly watching. In a sense, it appears they believe they know what the outcome will be, or so they think, before signing. After each movie clip, this scenario is repeated over and over. Almost immediately after the movie clip ends, the beavers eagerly sign with minimal thought or further discussion.

“This is much like what people do today,” Jesus adds. “They see what they think will be the outcome and agree to that without having the full knowledge to understand any possible ramifications of that choice.”

Pondering this for a moment, I wonder what they are actually agreeing to. I’m surprised that the beavers are eager to quickly sign and move on.

“This is the easy way out” Jesus says. “Easy is easy… harder takes effort.”

HorseI look back at the scroll and watch one of the movies playing before us. It’s of a man riding a horse with no reigns or saddle. The horse has control and the man is letting the horse go wherever it wants as if he’s given up in finding the solution to getting this horse under control. Out of nowhere, a set of reigns literally comes from above and bridles the horse. The horse immediately calms down, regroups, and then the man is able to control it.

“I like that! I’ll take it!” says a beaver to a younger one. I watch as the older beaver signs while the youngster peers over the scroll, barely able to read it.

“I’m not sure what the issue is?” I question.

“What’s the man doing on the horse?” Jesus asks.

“He allowed the horse to take him, knowing he could do it (with a little extra effort) but waited for the establishment to do something instead of taking care of it himself?” I answer.

“And, when you do that, you become a slave to the very thing you’re trying to be freed from. When the easy way is offered, it’s too easy to take the bait” Jesus adds.

“That means the papers being signed had something to do with taking the easy way out? I question.

“It’s not only that but a laziness and dependence on others for provision – expecting mankind to meet your needs. There’s no honor towards the Father in that” Jesus sorrowfully explains. “It’s totally self-serving because of the expectation that others do for you.”

After a bit more discussion, Jesus asks me to look at the movie again. This time, I see a pair of reigns on the ground, near the horse as it runs but not within easy reach of the rider. It would require him stopping to pick them up, which he never does, even at the beginning.

“He had the tools at his disposal to control the situation but didn’t because it was too much trouble to even bother” I state and question at the same time.

“When you’ve been given the right tools and don’t use them, chaos reigns. How do you want that to look in your own life? Are you willing to see the tools God gives you and then use them?” Jesus asks.

The moral of this story is

At this point in the experience, I have more of a discussion with Jesus where I begin repenting for things on behalf of myself and my ancestral line. I understand this movie bit to show that my ancestors took the easy way out when they could. When a solution opened up where someone else could take care of their problems, despite a better answer being within reach, they took what was handed to them instead of working a little harder, and possibly smarter, for a better outcome. The solution being offered was acceptable because it didn’t require much effort on their part.

What to do with this?

You will notice that I only saw one small piece of what’s on these counterfeit scrolls. But, it’s a big piece that I believe will help unlock some of the other behavioral patterns I’ve seen on my mother’s side of my family line. Even though my mother didn’t raise us, this stuff is in her DNA, which has been passed down to me. It’s time to clean it all up, reclaim what was left behind, and walk in new freedom!

If you would like some assistance in learning how to recover any lost inheritance, I encourage you to get the book. Here are the links along with other resources that we found helpful:




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