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Fear of Deception


Deception is a subject many believers struggle with. What is it? How do we fall into deception? How can we stay OUT of deception? What do we do once we realize we’re deceived? These are the top four questions uttered by believers concerning deception.

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Notice the first word in the title of this post – “fear.” When there’s a fear of being deceived, that’s fear. It doesn’t matter how it’s cloaked or honey coated. Plain and simple, fear of deception is fear. That alone opens the door for deception to sprout. Such small seeds create large trees. If the enemy can coerce us into fear, that gives him the open door to proceed with watering the seed of fear. We fertilize it with “fear food.” It’s the “what if?” principle that feeds fear.

Over on the Healing Frequencies Music website, it’s amazing how many Christians contact me saying what I do is new age. They want nothing to do with my music because they’re fearful of deception. People don’t seem to mind expressing a fear of deception. Some wear it like a badge thinking it makes them holier because they’re able make a stand against something they’re told is of the enemy. There’s a meme going around Facebook right now that says “Don’t feed the fears!” What would happen if we followed the advice of that quote?

Much of what I do in researching healing music, frequencies, energy, sacred geometry, etc., involves looking at weird stuff. As I delve deeper into what the organization (or person) says, the motive/attitude eventually presents itself. Some research is solid and well done. However, what they DO with it is another thing. There’s a recent (well-known) movie/documentary on quantum physics where the main character (an actress) goes about her life. Over the top of this action, groups of scientists, religious figures, and “healers” discuss how consciousness affects everything. At the beginning, many refer to God. By the end, it’s all about bringing OURSELVES into a higher level of consciousness. Where I think it goes a bit sideways is when it becomes “all about me.” Everything is done through human strength. Uh, yeah… take a look around and see how that’s working out for us. Some of the information in this movie is correct. It’s the conclusion (self-reliance) that makes it wonky.

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I ran across several videos on resonance and how objects were used (in ancient times) to create enough energy to levitate items. Some scholars finally admit it’s probable the Egyptian pyramids were built using resonance as the energy source. Yes, it really IS all about sound, energy, and vibration as Nikola Tesla so famously states. In one particular video, I thought “Wow! This guy must be a believer” because he used “Christianese” language. Somewhere along the way, God was disconnected from the equation. My question… does this mean the entire video is deceptive? My answer to that is an emphatic NO!” Why? The information is correct. It’s the interpretation and conclusion that’s off.

A disconnect from the “Source” is the problem with new age thinking. The goal is for us – humans – to be the source. In other words, when we leave God out of the process, we function in our own strength. The enemy can only take what YHVH created and make a counterfeit. He can only duplicate. For years, my question was “If that’s the counterfeit, what’s the real thing?” No one knew the answer. It didn’t stop me on my quest for the truth even though some thought I was dipping too far into enemy territory. The Word says “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world.” Uh, that means if I don’t pay attention to or focus on what the enemy does, there’s nothing he can do to “get” me. Because Christ lives in me and I live IN Him, I have more power in my little fingernail than all of what the enemy throws at me. When I use what I call the “come up here” principle, I’m IN Christ where the enemy’s antics make no difference. I’m in a higher position OVER his antics. Where we get mixed up is by fearing deception. That allows familiar spirits to talk smack to us. We entertain that smack and next thing you know, we’re in trouble!

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I’ve found a good barometer in determining what’s of God and what’s not. The first “rule” (if you want to call it that) is to remember that we’re created for relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s out of that relationship we live, move, and have our being. When the relationship is our focus, everything else falls into place. I then take that barometer with me when watching wonky and weird videos. Because the whole consciousness thing was hijacked by new age thought, we tend to tread lightly with one foot in and the other out ready to scram at any moment. (Cue spooky music here) I sit with YHVH, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit while watching these videos. I ask, “Where’s the truth in this?” I ask questions and even talk out loud as if they’re sitting in my living room right next to me in fleshly form. Yes, I can see them in the spirit because that’s where I go to engage them. But, at the same time, I’m tuned into what’s happening in both the spirit and physical realms.

Honestly, very little of what I’ve learned about energy, sound, and frequency came from listening to Christians. I experience it first, often not understanding what I see. Some time later, I watch a video and what I witnessed in the kingdom realms, I then see on the video! Other times, what’s presented strongly witnesses with my spirit. I take it to YHVH where we have discussions and I often see more. None of this comes out of fear. I generally check any fear at the door, cover myself with the Blood of Jesus and simply move forward. I have to trust that He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world. If something doesn’t make sense, I ask. I don’t always get answers right away. They aren’t in my preferred timing either. It’s amazing how these experiences bring scripture to life, too. Stuff I read and never understood all of a sudden makes sense!

When I focus on building relationship with YHVH, that’s when things change. I no longer appear before YHVH pleading, “I really need this right now because ________.” I want to genuinely understand the love and character of YHVH. Out of that relationship, my attitudes changed. Then, amazingly, things around me started to change. I didn’t need to ask. I simply got into that place of rest IN Christ and governed my life FROM that position. Out of that position, my understanding changed which then allowed circumstances to change. When we’re in a position of authority in our lives IN Christ, it’s easier to see the answer. To do this, we must learn to be comfortable with who we are in Christ. No more “I’m not good enough… Why would God want to use me? … What if I mess it up?… What if I’m deceived?”

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How does this relate to fear of deception? When we’re IN Him, we aren’t looking at deception. Our eyes are on YHVH and we look for His answers. Then, as we’re directed to go where “no Christian has ever dared to go before,” there’s no need to be fearful.

That being said, not every place is for every believer to go. Tread wisely. It’s like an orchestra that has families of instruments. Everyone has a part to play. They’re different but compliment the other parts. We find out what our individual piece is and go there. If you don’t know what that is, spend time with YHVH and you’ll learn.

It’s easy to be lazy. I wanted quick answers and asked questions of others on this same path. Many times I got, “Go ask God yourself!” We are so used to sitting in church being preached AT. We don’t get the opportunity to participate so we function out of expecting others to feed us. That doesn’t work well in the kingdom realms. Answers come out of building relationship with YHVH. This brings me back to the very beginning of my point about deception. Because my relationship with YHVH is strengthening and I understand more about His character and desires, it’s much easier to read the barometer of deception when I do tread in strange places. For example, let’s revisit that same video I mentioned at the beginning about levitating large stones with sound, resonance, and energy. By the end, it was obvious the speaker’s goal was to do these things himself without building relationship with the Creator who brought all of these pieces together! He acknowledged that we have a Creator who gave us these tools but his focus was on finding the answers within himself. His research was solid but the conclusion wreaked of new age thinking. That didn’t make anything he said less true.

My advice to those reading this… When faced with something that feels off, take it before YHVH. Many times, we find it’s our paradigms that need shifting because of misinterpreted scripture or bad teaching. We rely upon what we’ve been taught over the truth. When we don’t fear deception, it’s easier to find YHVH’s truth. The moment we give into that fear, the door is opened for the seeds of deception to sprout and grow some ugly trees. Why not take that fear and trade it for love IN the situation and see what happens? It’s time to give the fear of deception a good ‘ole kick in the butt so we can move on with the call that YHVH has on our lives!


©2018 by Del Hungerford


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