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Is There Truth in New Age Ideas?

What’s truth and what’s fiction when it comes to “new age thinking?” How do we decipher what’s of man and what’s from God? If there’s truth, how do we find it without walking the tightrope of deception?

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These questions plagued me for nearly thirty years. When I asked other believers if they understood any truths behind new age ideas, most often I was met with a blank stare. This subject is taboo in the Christian world where many think that if you even utter the word “new age,” it’s grounds for stepping into enemy territory. Honestly, I think that’s right where the enemy wants us – afraid and running. Why? Because it KEEPS us from truth. The Word says “he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.” (John 4:4) We’re also told that we are “in Him” and when we function from that place of being “in Him,” there’s no fear. As a reminder… the enemy can only copy; he can’t create. What we see in new age thinking is a copy of the original.

As I research the healing aspects of musical frequencies (Healing Frequencies Music), it requires that I look at materials that seem a bit sketchy. Because I operate IN Christ, I step into the center of God’s name (YHVH) and FROM that position, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. When I sanctify my imagination as I research, there’s no need to fear deception. I also have key questions that make it a bit easier.

  • Does the information glorify God or man? New age thinkers often believe there’s some form of intelligence that created the universe. But, they fail to see that we can have relationship with God.
  • Does the person/group presenting the information focus on “self” enlightenment as the attainable goal? New age thinking focuses on mankind’s own ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Does the information line up with scientific studies? This includes studies in “fringe science.” Some of these materials eventually turn out to be accurate. Einstein and Tesla are two prime examples of research on the fringes of accepted scientific practices in their day. The current process of “peer reviewing” and the need for research funds puts researchers into scientific boxes that often don’t allow for work outside the established norm. Many new age thinkers base their ideas on accurate scientific studies.
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It’s a bit interesting navigating through what some consider new age videos and materials. Eventually, the underlying intent of a given speaker or organization presents itself. Many start out with solid facts, presenting scientific studies to back up claims. It’s the opinions where things tend to go a bit wonky. In two different YouTube videos (of conferences), these well respected new age speakers swore and poked fun at others with differing opinions. The “F” bomb seemed to be a favorite. Both speakers proposed that we attain a higher level of consciousness through “self empowerment.” As we better ourselves, we have the ability to reach a higher level of consciousness. The problem? Although much of their scientific research was solid, it’s the attitude that stunk like a skunk. Their actions in public demonstrated their actual attained level of higher consciousness.

It’s at this point that I used to get out quick, thinking that deception could “get me” if I continued to read/watch. Notice that the underlying tone is fear. The “If I read this, I’ll be deceived!” thought is fear of deception. If we’re fearful of deception, then we don’t know who we are in Christ. It’s that plain and simple. Fear is holds us back from any forward motion. By giving into fear, the enemy wins. CLICK HERE to read my article on that topic.

What I’m learning to do before I watch videos or read new age thinking materials is to ascend into the presence of YHVH. I often sit in my heart garden, or possibly a strategy room with Jesus, YHVH, and even some in the cloud of witnesses. From my position of being IN HIM, I begin my research. We sit side-by-side going through the materials together. I do everything with a sanctified imagination asking that truth be revealed in the materials. I’m amazed that researchers quote scriptures. However, they also point out that the same information is in the Koran and other ancient texts. So, they don’t put any special emphasis on the Biblical interpretation. Ultimately, it appears new age videos/teachings/books focus on how mankind betters ourselves through personal strength and a higher level of consciousness. Notice the goal… it’s all about self. This is a humanistic viewpoint where any ties to our Creator are left out. What’s the key difference between new age thinking and functioning in/through relationship with YHVH? One is self-focused and the other builds relationship with the One who created us.  When the focus is on building relationship with YHVH, we learn and then do like a child learns from a father.

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Where we often mess up is in our knee-jerk reactions to materials that have partial truths. We want to throw all new age thinking out because of the twisted truths. I was part of a church that allowed people to give prophetic words. One lady gave a word almost every Sunday. They were mostly accurate, too. She did have a habit of throwing some of her own thoughts and opinions into the mix. Most people blew her off because her words came off as judgmental. If God used a donkey (Numbers 22:21-39) to prophecy, he can use a grouchy woman. It’s possible that God wanted someone else to give the prophetic word. Out of fear, they didn’t so the person waiting and willing gave the word. The “gift” of prophecy is a gift. We aren’t required to be perfect to operate in the prophetic. So, imperfect people give words. And, imperfect people reject/receive them.

In church, the congregation rejected the woman’s prophecies. The two swearing speakers? People laughed and joked along with them at their crude remarks. What’s the comparison? I believe had the congregation listened to the woman’s prophetic words, despite her own twist on the interpretation, many would have been set free. The two swearing speakers? Their information lines up with Biblical history and even explains things from an informed historical perspective. Just because they poked fun at people, doesn’t mean what they presented wasn’t truth. It’s the same with the judgmental woman who gave prophetic words. Her information was accurate but the delivery was off. We have to get past the “art of offense” in order to move forward in our lives and receive truths that often stare us down until we pay attention.

Going back to my three questions at the beginning… When I watch videos or read materials with new age thoughts, I realize and understand the focus is on self-empowerment. Everything focuses on self and the ability to do everything within our own human strength. It works to a point because there are spiritual laws for such things. But, when those laws are used in our own strength, we can only go so far. Example time!

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When I was in high school, I decided to try out for All-State Band my sophomore year. The audition materials included playing a chromatic scale (all half steps) at a very fast speed. I practiced and practiced and practiced. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it up to tempo. One day, my band director watched me and said, “You’re using the wrong fingerings.” Once I started using the correct fingerings, all of a sudden, I could play the scale up to tempo. How does this relate to new age ideas? It’s very simple. When we do things without the best knowledge, we only go so far. Being “in Christ,” we have the necessary tools to go beyond what we imagine or think. It’s “IN Him,” that we live, move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28). Learning correct fingerings improves scale speed. As a Son of God, that relationship opens up a higher level of consciousness/functioning IN Him. Doing it in our own strength or without proper knowledge? We get stuck at a certain point where forward motion stops.

The moral of this story is – when we are IN Christ and function IN the center of His name, we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. IN that position, we function through His eyes. Should deception peak around the corner, we recognize it for what it is. Fear isn’t involved because we’re secure in our identity. There’s a lot of truth we miss simply because we’re afraid of being deceived. As our focus stays on YHVH and seeing Him IN situations, teachings, videos, relationships, etc., His ways become our ways. It’s in this position we learn to love people because YHVH isn’t a respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34). If our focus stays on RELATIONSHIP with YHVH, there’s no need to fear anything. Perfect love casts out all fear. (1 John 4:18) When we’re “in Him,” we are IN love itself. When we’re positioned “in” love, it spreads to those around us. John 13:35 indicates that people will know we’re followers of Christ by our love. As we demonstrate love (through our actions), we can walk into an atmosphere of self-conscious and self-driven people and change that atmosphere with true enlightenment of the “In Him” principle.

What would I like to see? Those who follow the “it’s all about me and what I can do in my own strength” mentality meet and build relationship with the One who created them. Out of that relationship, there’s no stopping what we can do as Sons of God!



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