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Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters


The title “Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters” suggests that the Hebrew letters have significant meaning. Although this topic appears more musically related, there’s very much a spiritual connection. In this article, we explore my spiritual journey into the wonderful world of the Hebrew letters and musical frequencies.

For a period of nearly six years, I worked on finding a connection between the Hebrew letters and music. It started out as an accident… sort of. My musical curiosity got the best of me when someone said one day, “You should see if you can find the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters.” Challenge accepted! My close friends encouraged me to keep going when it felt like I was constantly hitting brick walls. Somewhere towards the beginning, I learned to “come up here” and ask questions. You’ll read about that all over this website. What makes this situation unique is the span of time that I gathered information.

The project grew and morphed based on what I watched and heard in the kingdom realms. One of my first clues came from an experience in the Holy of Holies. I watched the priest sing the names of God where frequencies arced between the breastplate, the mercy seat, and the cherubim. As the priest sang, the frequencies did a variety of dance-like movements. At the time, this didn’t make much sense to me. Later, I researched the breastplate, gathering all the information I could about the topic. Eventually, I put together a chart that listed musical frequencies, Hebrew letters, and the names of the tribes. Although that research is still resting, it propelled me into the next step of finding the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters.

What I love about becoming a true “son” of God (“son” referring to mankind in general), is the free access to the kingdom realms. I honestly believe that without watching the Father “do” followed by having conversations about various topics, I’d still be looking for answers. I also realized that we need to see and experience before we do. It’s so easy to be overly eager when we learn something new. I expected quick answers and was disappointed (at first) when I was met with more questions during some of my conversations with YHVH and Jesus.

I’ve written a blog post on the results of my research on the Healing Frequencies Music website. At the end of the post, there’s a link to purchase a teaching where I provide audio and written instructions on how to create music using the Hebrew letters. CLICK HERE for that article. The details for the technical bits are there. Here, we take a look at the spiritual side of how this came about and the lessons that go along with that. You might want to check out the nitty gritty details on Healing Frequencies Music so what I say here makes more sense.

All of our experiences in the kingdom realms are to help us build relationship with the Trinity. The maturing process goes from behaving like toddlers to mature “adults” in Him. We’ll make mistakes, say and do silly things, and Papa will smile saying “You’ll get this!” What I honor about the project of finding the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters is that it helped me grow up a little more. From hardship and testings in life, we mature. Not that it was a testing journey but, it did challenge many of my paradigms and expectations. My general mode of operation is to “get ‘er done!” You give me a task and I’m Johnny on the Spot. There’s usually not much messing around. What did I learn? At times, things need to sit and simmer until more revelation comes. If we get things delivered too early, that revelation can easily slip by unnoticed and unappreciated.

What’s interesting about the last year of the project is that I had the answer sitting right before me waving at me saying, “Hello!! Can you see this?” Why didn’t I see it? Part of that, I mention above. When revelation comes that we don’t have the capacity to understand at the time, it doesn’t help. Yes, I had all but the last piece of the puzzle assembled for nearly a year before I knew what to do with it! Again, this was a teaching tool in patience for me. Eventually, I let it sit while I began other projects. Every once in a while, I’d come back to see if I had enough to plunk in that final puzzle piece. I learned to rest with the understanding that when it was time, I’d have the answers. That’s growth for me! I can only imagine my actions and frustrations with this waiting time two years earlier.

I always ask myself the question “What can you learn from the situations in your life right now?” Even in conversations with YHVH and Jesus, we talked about my project. I’d get answers like, “You’ll know when it’s time. There are other things you must learn first.” For someone who likes to push through and get it done, I didn’t want to hear that! Now that I look back on it, I see how the learning progression put everything into perfect timing. Nearly a year ago, I sat here in this very spot, staring at an almost complete chart of what I thought were the frequencies of the Hebrew letters. Here’s the clincher… I knew the information that I needed to complete the project. However, because it was all second nature to me, it didn’t click. I needed to go back into my memory banks and remind myself of various experiences. When we do things out of habit or are advanced in a field enough that we do everything on autopilot, we often forget about the process it took to arrive in that place. This is why some awesome musicians are horrible teachers. When things come easy for us, we often don’t understand the beginning-to-end process.

I find it interesting that YHVH took me to places where I could watch how frequency works. We’d sit and just watch, saying nothing. After this viewing time, I didn’t always receive revelation. But, what I saw stayed with me. After enough of these times, stuff started to click. Yes, there were conversations but honestly, I enjoyed being in the presence of YHVH enough that I didn’t mind waiting for answers. Sometimes, asking questions about such projects wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. When we get into the kingdom realms and engage with the Trinity, it’s easy (and probably good) to forget about what we need. I learned to focus on the relationship first. Through relationship building, other things fell into place.

One night, after several days of sitting with YHVH watching and listening to the sounds around us, I thought to myself, “I wonder if there’s a connection with what I’m seeing, the Hebrew letters, and the harmonic series?” This question simply flitted through my brain. That’s when the final puzzle piece opened up for me.

Responding to my thoughts, YHVH said, “As you know, there are other frequencies that come out of the fundamental. When you find the base, it’s easy to find the best harmony that fits within that note. Yes, it’s uniquely that one specific note. But, the properties – the higher properties will still follow the same rule for the law of harmonics.”

Bingo! That’s all I needed. That might not make sense to you but remember, I’d worked on this project for years. One puzzle piece that had to do with harmonics continued to allude me. I had the chart already laid out but didn’t know what to do with it. These three sentences sealed the deal. It was a casual conversation in a place of intimacy with YHVH that the answer came. At that moment, it was like the answer exploded inside me. My spirit was doing little dances everywhere. I couldn’t thank YHVH enough. His smile at watching my excitement made it even better.

Throughout that day, puzzle pieces began to flood through my mind. I sat down and wrote it all out, connecting even more dots along the way. In the the audio that goes along with the teaching, more clicked as I talked. I’m sure that will continue on for quite some time. What I hadn’t taken into consideration until the very end was my formal training as a musician. When you speak from experience, what you say carries more weight. We often forget that every life experience (including the traumas) can be used as teaching and learning devices. Our experiences are someone else’s teacher.

I’d like to take a moment to encourage you. There are probably things on your heart that would be nice to have answers for. These could be life situations, projects you’re working on, needed direction, etc. Take some time and step into YHVH’s presence. Engage with Him. Engage with Jesus and Holy Spirit. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place where you’re sitting in Their presence. Enjoy that time and begin to see yourself resonate with what’s coming from within Them. In an attitude of worship (an attitude of thanksgiving and gratitude), allow yourself to just be. Imagine handing over any cares that you have and in turn, you’re handed peace, love, joy, or whatever else you need. Take it into your being and receive it by faith, even if you can’t see, hear, sense, or feel anything. If you find it hard to settle down, you can do what I do. I usually put on music and begin singing (or praying) in my prayer language. I also sing the name of YHVH and imagine stepping into the center of His name and staying there so that my focus is on functioning “in Him.” I do this until I feel peace. Warning! This generally takes more than a few minutes.

In closing, I had struggles in and through this research. I had to learn to deal with my issues and at the same time, trust in YHVH’s plan and timing. Right now, I’m rejoicing in Him for the received revelation. You, too, have the opportunity to step in and receive.



© 2018 by Del Hungerford



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