July 6

Exploring My Heart Garden

Accessing the Kingdom RealmsThis experience came about right after my new book, “Accessing the Kingdom Realms” was published. It’s all about revisiting a previous encounter to glean more understanding from the original experience.

For the entire month that I was deciding which encounters to include in the book, re-engaging those experiences, choosing a cover, and working with the editor, my daily engagement experiences focused on sitting with Jesus and Papa on a park bench. My head resting in their laps, I could feel the energy flowing from them into me. It seemed odd that I would spend an entire month like this but I knew there was a plan. Not only was I re-engaging the experiences in the book but it seemed simultaneously, I was sitting with both Jesus and Papa in two separate encounters but the same location at the same time. To my human mind, that didn’t quite make sense. Brain Fry!

What I discovered about this month-long experience is that I was being taught more about the “act” of engaging and that what may seem like a short time in the kingdom realms covers a very long time on earth. I guess the best way to explain that is to have you read Rick Joyner’s book, “The Torch and the Sword,” and it will all make sense.

What’s a heart garden? It’s a place of deep intimacy in the core of your being where you commune with the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). You can spend time with all three of them separately or together. You share your innermost thoughts with each other and, you can even plant things! There’s an experience in “Accessing the Kingdom Realms” where I get to plant one of my favorite trees. But for that story, you’ll need to purchase the book. Without further babbling on, enjoy this addendum to my stories from “Accessing the Kingdom Realms.”


Heart Garden

I step into my heart garden, into the presence of Papa and Jesus. I see myself with both of them at the same time but yet we’re not together. I understand this to be separate realms. I see it but lack understanding in how it works.

Then, without notice, the two scenes come together where Jesus and Papa both get up off the bench at the same time. My Camperdown elm tree in the garden is now almost as large as the ones on the U of I campus. For a moment, I wonder if this time lapse from when I first planted this tree in my heart garden until now is an actual representation of when I was in college through the current time. My heart garden elm was close to the size of the Camperdown elms on campus when I was attending college in the early 1980’s. It seems that the past month in the spirit covers the time in my life from about 1980 through the present.

Camperdown elm U of I
Camperdown elm trees line the walkway between Ridenbaugh Hall and the Administration building on the University of Idaho campus.

Smiling, Jesus comes alongside me. We both look back at my bench where the Camperdown elm now completely covers it, creating a perfect canopy of protection.

“That whole time of your life, you were covered by My love.” He whispers softly into my ear. “And, you saw it play out before you in the spirit while resting your head on our laps… Yes, the Camperdown elm tree in your heart garden was close to the same size as the ones by Ridenbaugh while you were in college. Then, while resting your head on Papa’s chest for a month under that tree in your garden, it continued to grow and cover you. It’s a representative of how the Father’s love covered you… even during the time of your marriage.”

“I understand and appreciate this pictorial lesson to help me feel the constant and deep love of the Father.” I reply while leaning against Jesus’ chest as He gives me a great big bear hug.

Shutting my journal, I sit amazed at how seeing myself in the spirit for a whole month was about covering the last forty years of my life. I know there’s something significant to that and as time goes, I’ll understand more.

The lesson in this

As in the book, I’ll provide a lesson here. This encounter was short, sweet and to the point. What I garnered from it was how the Camperdown elm (one of my favorite trees) in real life mirrored what I’d planted in the spirit. Then, over time the “covering” it provided in the spirit also mirrored the covering and protection I received during a nearly 40-year span in my life. In the book, I got to plant one of these majestic trees in my heart garden, right by the bench where I usually sit with Papa and Jesus.

When you read the book, you’ll find many references to my marriage. A failed marriage is tough to work through. If you want to read about that experience, my book “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A Story of Overcoming Abuse” is available on Amazon. My understanding of why this situation continues to come up in my encounters has everything to do with continued healing. Papa wants us to be whole and when things from our past negatively affect us, it’s difficult to move into all that He has for us in the next season of our lives. Basically, he “reveals to heal.” So, when you see junk from your past come up in your encounters, Papa is generally showing you a way into healing.

What really struck me about this encounter? When you go through junk in life and wonder how you lived through some of it, it’s nice to know that Papa was right there beside you providing a protective covering. It was up to me to see that protection and take a hold of it. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. You can bet now that I know more about how this all works, I’m probably going to have that constant anchor point of a Camperdown elm tree and what it represents for me in my life! With that, I send you a beautiful picture of the Camperdown elm I have in my back yard right after I planted it in 2011. And yes, that is a fence made of doors.

Camperdown Elm


In the book (Accessing the Kingdom Realms), I provide resources to read. Since this post is about my book, I recommend that you start there where I have additional resources after each chapter. Please be sure to leave a review on Amazon once you’ve read it!

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