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Functioning From Pain

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I’m in an online class where we are learning how to deal with our junk. We all have junk in our lives even though we don’t like to admit it at times. We end up functioning from pain or should I say, out of the pain that comes up from within us. Have you ever heard the phrase “hurting people hurt people?” Our choices are based on what’s coming from within us. If that’s out of hurt, what comes out will be laced with that pain. Dealing with our junk? It’s necessary so we can walk in who we are created to be as we function IN Christ. We must function out of the center of YHVH’s name.

Most of the time when someone says something that’s hurtful, it comes from their own pain. Basically, a “filter” of what they’re saying comes through a veil of their pain. What’s said may have a lot of truth but even if there’s 99% truth mixed with 1% hurt concerning the subject being presented, what’s being said will more than likely be skewed. It’s like putting one drop of sewage into a gallon of water. Even though it’s only one drop, it contaminates the whole gallon! Case and point… I attended a church in the 1990’s that functioned quite well in the prophetic. One person in particular would seem to have a prophetic word every Sunday. And, the words were very accurate. However, the delivery of the word was often laced with judgment. You could feel it and people often blew off what was said. Does that make what was said incorrect? No! But, people didn’t receive it because without even knowing it, I think they tapped into the underlying “tone” of the intent of the person giving the prophetic word. They felt judged.

Healing Frequencies MusicOn my Healing Frequencies Music website, I talk a lot about frequencies and how they affect us. Words create a frequency. Actions, emotions, feelings, and even movement all create frequency. Everything has a resonant frequency. Each person has an energy field around them. Some call it an aura. It’s really the frequency you are personally emitting based on your emotions, feelings, desires, intent, and what’s generally coming from within you. When you’re unhappy, down in the dumps, or just plain mad, those around you often sense something is amiss. If you put an abuser and an abused person in a large room with a bunch of other people, studies show they would somehow find each other. The vibe (or resonant frequency) they each put off attracts the other.

Let’s say someone puts something out, such as a blog post, a letter to the editor, something on Twitter, or even a Facebook post. In the message is something that appears to be an attack of some type. For someone who is hurt in that area, it could be a negative trigger. On the other hand, for the person who put it out there to begin with, what’s being said could also have a negative or “functioning-out-of-hurt” bent to it, much like putting that one drop of sewage into a gallon of water. Or, the person giving the prophetic word in church that’s laced with judgment. What’s being said is correct but it’s coming through a veil of hurt, their own emotional pain, or pride (as examples).

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When we function out of our pain, it affects everything around us. It lowers our resonant frequency because negative emotions, fears, hate, frustration, etc. all resonate at a lower frequency. Love, hope, joy, happiness, etc., all resonate at a higher frequency. Everything in the Kingdom Realms resonates at a higher frequency than what’s on earth. When we align ourselves with YHVH’s frequency, we become “in tune” with His desires, His joy, His peace, His love, etc.

In a teaching that I recently listened to, the speaker was talking about what it means to be “in Him.” When we fully function out of who we are in Christ, we resonate at His frequency – in Him. It’s in that place that we are to function. That’s hard to do when we create something that lowers our frequency or by reacting to negative triggers.

I have to seriously look at everything I put out there; every blog post or book I write, every piece of music I create, every e-mail, and even every post on Facebook. Where is it coming from? What is my true motive? Is this an area I still need some freedom from? Am I complaining but disguising it as something else? Is this a pet peeve of mine that I’m pointing out? Did someone say something to spur on the post? Did people complain to me about something, making me feel compelled to write about it? If the latter is the case, is it possible I’ve taken their offense? And, when taking another’s offense, we become a fence that keeps us from the truth. A fence is an offense and is meant to keep things separated.

Let’s take this blog post for instance. Because of the online class I’m taking where functioning “in Him” finally clicked intermixed with some interesting dealings with people in the past couple of weeks, I was triggered in an area that has been a source of frustration for many years. Out of their own hurt, there was some joking around with me, poking fun at, etc. At first, I kind of blew it off but when the poking continued, I eventually got ticked off. When that happened, I had to ask Papa “What is causing me to behave this way?” I then owned, repented, and renounced my negative thoughts. When you hold a grudge or are hurt by someone, you literally are holding that person captive in your heart because you’re offended. I’m a teacher and when I learn something, I have no problems using myself as an example if it will help free others. I’m learning to work through years of hurt in a specific area but let’s take a look at the positive in this. I was actually able to know I’d been negatively triggered and then deal with it. If it happens again, I should be able to recognize it a bit sooner.

So, let me pose this statement again… When are we functioning out of pain? Look at the fruit (how we respond to others, our anger level, our peace level, our love and joy level, etc.) and the answer should be obvious. In my past life (college and when I was married), I spent a lot of time getting upset when people did stupid things. I had some set ideas (AKA pride) about how things should be done. I was highly opinionated and offered my opinion on a regular basis. In one case, it almost got me fired from a job. I needed to learn to shut my pie hole simply because not everyone wanted to hear my opinion even if I was right. And, in reality, they didn’t need to hear it. Although I don’t wish this on anyone, it took living through an interesting marriage to learn and understand this. Yes, Papa can use anything to help us grow if we allow it.

I have a challenge going on with myself. If someone says something hurtful or that makes me mad (as in the example I provide above), I ask “OK, what is within me that’s making me feel this way?” Even if it’s truly the other person’s issue, there is still something in ME that needs to be addressed. I’m also learning to quickly agree with the adversary by owning, repenting, and renouncing all ties with things even if I haven’t done it. I tell a story about an instance in my book “Accessing the Kingdom Realms”  where I was accused of something I absolutely didn’t do. The accusation was still there so I had to do something with it. By letting it sit, this would allow time for it to fester into a nice pussy mess (oh the pictures that could come with that visual). By owning it (to get rid of the accusation), the situation pretty much fizzled out. And, the people who brought the accusation? Their motive and agenda was eventually discovered because of their own actions!

What’s my point? Our intent, motive, and agenda determines our behavior. If we have messed up paradigms about something, we might not even know it until we’re triggered in that area. What are the struggles of living in this earth? Relationships and money seem to cause the biggest issues. More than likely, if something triggers us in one of these areas, this is an opportunity to get rid of some of the junk in our lives. We know the junk factor based on our response.

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Working through pain is not easy. Functioning out of pain is… well… painful. So, why do I want any part of it? Why enjoy petting the pain especially since it will get me nowhere? “Petting” the pain generally involves self-pity or the “woe is me” attitude. As I tell people, “I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and wore it.” I’m pointing the finger at myself here, too. And, as I walk through the things that trigger me (upset me, piss me off, hurt me, etc.), I actually have more joy in my life and the stupid things that people say and do have less effect on me. Dealing with my junk has NOT been an easy road but as I continue to work through it all, I feel a freedom that’s never been there before. This is part of learning to be “in Him” so I can function out of that higher frequency, which is more in tune with YHVH and His desire for my life.

May you all walk in freedom in the Mighty Name of Jesus from any negative triggers, hurts, traumas, and things that cause pain in your life.




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