January 28

Treasury Room in Heaven


The Treasury Room in Heaven is an amazing place to go! I’ve been there several times; the first experience came simply by pondering on what it would look like while I was spending time with Jesus, sitting on a bench by the River of Life. The second experience came while spending more time with Jesus when I had just asked Him where we should go.


I know there is a treasury room in Heaven and have read about other experiences people have had. I think and ponder on what this room looks like while sitting with Jesus on a bench. As I ponder, I’m suddenly standing before a thick HUGE wooden door, vines growing all around. It’s very ornate and shaped like one of those rounded church doors at the top. All I can see is the door because it’s so huge; nothing else is visible.

As I approach, the door opens so, I go in. I see chests with money falling out all over the place. Then, I look to the right and see several envelopes. One is marked “payday.” Another is marked “what the enemy stole.” I see several more envelopes with writing on them. I can see there is much more to this room than the eye can see but stop here and ask “What am I supposed to take?” Although I don’t hear an audible voice, I have a sense in my spirit that I’m to take two payday envelopes along with two “what the enemy stole” envelopes. I also “feel” through thought transfer that one of each of these envelopes is mine and the other two are for a someone whose name I hear in my thoughts.

Jesus, who is standing beside me, hands me the four envelopes with a twinkle in His eye. I can tell that this is His pleasure to do for me. Nothing is said but I feel and understand His thoughts. I also understood that I’m to go back into the realm of earth and “deliver” the envelopes.

By faith, I see myself come back and deliver two of the envelopes to the person whose name I heard. In my spirit, I see myself handing them to her spirit. Holy Spirit then speaks to me… “Go to the Bank.” Again, by faith, I go to the bank in the spirit and deposit the remaining two envelopes into my bank. I stand at the counter and hand over the envelopes to the teller, one I’ve not seen before. Her eyes open wide as she peruses the contents of the envelopes. I see cash literally pouring out of them. After some time, she finally hands me my deposit slips.



I’m worshiping and then find myself in heaven with Jesus. We are skipping down a sparkling golden pathway towards the treasury room in Heaven. The grass next to the path is an iridescent green. As we approach the entrance to the Treasury Room, I can see the massive arched doorway. It opens as we approach. A tall being in purple robes with a gold belt and all kinds of shining stones welcomes us. I know this is Melchizedek because he is the keeper of this room.

I’m led to the right wall by Jesus where there are many jars on shelves stuffed with rolls of bills. Jesus nods that it’s OK to take one, so, I do. I take the lid off and ask what to do.

“Hold them at the tips of your fingers,” Jesus says.

I do and the money disappears inside my fingers, soaking completely into my hands.

Jesus then leads me to a rock on the floor. After lifting it up, I see a gold bar.

“Hold it up to your belly,” instructs Jesus.

As I do this, it soaks into me through my belly. I’m then directed to the left wall where more jars are stored. They are crystal clear and upon opening one of them, I see all kinds of precious gems.

“Pull as many out as you want,” Jesus motions to me.

I then grab diamonds, rubies, sapphires, topaz, turquoise, and others I don’t recognize. I look to Jesus waiting for the instructions on how to assimilate these.

“Press them into your skin so they cover every inch of your body. Don’t leave any skin uncovered.”

As I begin to do this, each gem becomes a part of my skin. I’m reminded this is how Satan looked when he was in Heaven. After I finish, I sense that it’s time to go. Jesus and I turn around to leave, thanking Melchizedek on the way out. Although I just now realize it, Melchizedek had been with us the whole time watching and enjoying my time with Jesus.

I turn to leave with Jesus and as we stand in the doorway, the music “The Wedding” comes on. I know Jesus hears it… He takes my hand and we waltz out of the Treasury Room, back down the golden path.

Upon arriving back in my room, I know that it’s important to release what I’ve received into the atmosphere around me. I have a basic understanding of what some items I received cover and others, I know will be revealed to me at a later time.


These experiences happened a year before the writing of this blog post. Reading these journal entries once again, I realized much of what I received began manifesting around me within a few months. The second experience was in January. By July, seven months later, most all of my debt was paid off. Yes, I was in the process of getting there anyway but difficulties did come along to try and keep that from happening.

Within four months of the January date, I lost one of my highest paying jobs. Not feeling that I was to go out and find another job, I waited to see how Papa wanted me to proceed. Circumstances around me got quite intense during this time, too. In fact, more intense than it had been for several years. But, I was learning how to sit on my seat of rest and function from the Kingdom Realms so… what would have frosted my buttons a few months earlier where I’d have retaliated, I stayed in that place of rest and legislated the situations from my seat of rest… in Christ.

To make a long story short, Papa worked it all out, and I now have more than enough, which to the natural mind, doesn’t seem possible. In the Treasury Room, I received some provision way ahead of when it was physically needed. Out of rest, even during the midst of some tough circumstances, the promises of YHVH were handed to me. It was mine to receive that provision by faith… a choice to receive and then believe.




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