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Library in Heaven


Library booksDid you know there’s actually a room in heaven that resembles a library? At first, I thought this was a library because of all the books. But, I actually think it’s the “Records Room” where everything from the beginning of time is recorded. I say that because of an experience that happened several months after this when I saw scrolls all lined up on a wall. It’s another room attached to the room in this visitation. CLICK HERE to read about one of my experiences in the records room.

When I was first learning to engage in the kingdom realms, I had some experiences in the library. As of yet, I still don’t have all the puzzle pieces to help me understand everything that I saw and experienced. But, the beauty of this is that I can go right back where I left off.

This visitation is a continuation of previous visits to this “library.” What I find interesting is that even as I write this experience in this post, I’m getting more revelation into the original visitation so I’m adding the information as I see it. As I said above, every time you go back to visit an experience, including writing about it, if you engage again, you’ll get more. I did that here to remind myself of what the room looked like so I could describe it to those reading this post. So, as I’m tying the room description, I end up right back to where I left off, in the spirit. In a sense, this is a fresh new experience intertwined with a previous visitation… It’s like I never left.

The Library Room in Heaven…

I enter this grand looking room where books as tall as the eye can see are stacked neatly on shelves. Across from the wall of books are equally tall windows covered with deep red velvet curtains that are lined with gold fringe. In the center of the room is a large oval shaped table, where I see Jesus has placed some items for me from previous visits to this room. The floor looks like a deep mahogany wood that appears to be “living.” As I walk over it, it moves with my steps.

The lighting is dim and bright at the same time. The massive curtains are only open half way but it’s enough light to see everything in the room. Under the large oval table is a carpet that looks similar to a Persian rug. As with the floor, the carpet appears to be breathing as well. I can see there are intricate designs on it and sense it’s writing in a language I don’t understand.

“Good observation,” says Jesus, as He comes over to me, looking down at the carpet. “Everything in heaven is living and moving because it flows with the frequency of the Father. It all functions as a unit.”

I ponder on this for a moment thinking back to other experiences where I saw stones and even the grass breathing. Looking back at Jesus, I smile with a better understanding of what He’s saying. Out of seeing what’s happening around me I realize that seeing with my spiritual eyes is vitally important in this process; I must learn to hear AND see.

“Everything within these volumes is at your disposal.” Jesus points around the room to the many books that line these shelves. “Anytime that you need information, you can come here. Everything you need to know is all here. Every record of everything from the beginning through the future is all here.”

I gaze around the room thinking how awesome it would be to soak up everything in these volumes.

old book“In time, you will see all you need for what you’ve been called to do,” Jesus continues. “The first thing you received, the book of Pythagoras, was to show you that My writings are found in many volumes by those who had encounters with Me. Look and visit these encounters to learn more about what I have for you.”

As I ponder on the first time I came to the library, I remember being given the Pythagoras book. I was with a group of others who were in the room together and we saw the same things…. the curtains, the floor, the table in the middle of the room, etc. At some point prior to our visit, we had been talking about developing a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. We were all just beginning to understand that everything comes out of spending time with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This requires engaging in the Presence of God where He lives. So, we did just that!

“How do I truly build relationship with You?” I ask. “I know all of this is important. However, I want to see you do things so I can learn to do them as well.”

“You will learn as you stick close to Me and understand My ways. It’s through spending time together that we learn about each other. I know about you. Now, it’s time for you to understand, with your heart, more about Me. You’ve read about Me in scripture but, that’s only learning from another’s experience. Experiencing My presence is what builds relationship. Continue to develop that relationship with Me and My Father, here, with Us and you’ll learn how to walk in what you’ve been called to do.”

With that, the experience ends but I have a lot to think about.


As I mentioned above, while writing this blog post, I re-engaged and was able to see more. It’s as simple as practicing and doing it. I learned a lot from this by taking to heart Jesus’ words to me… It’s all about spending time in His Presence in heaven. I think that’s why those in the Bible always talked about “going up” to see the Father. Now, it’s your turn. I’ve given you enough of a description of what this room looks like that you should be able to envision what it looks like. Imagine seeing Jesus with you. What is He saying? Feel free to share your experiences below.


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  • Del, I am astounded. The Lord began leading me on a new part of my journey with him in 2011. I had some what we Catholics call “mystical” experiences, but they were nothing compared to what was to come. He had been drawing me into a deeper prayer life and prompting me to clean up my mental diet so to speak. I am a writer and Jesus told me to put all my work away and write for Him. He also told me to leave my imagination free of other things so that He could use the vehicle He created to communicate with man, like a stage. Then I began to have experiences that thrilled and scared me. He gave me one person that I met who confirmed many of my experiences. He also gave me a very wise and experienced priest who also smiled at my fear and patted my hand and told me not to box Jesus in, not to give Him boundaries. He has shown me heaven, hell, purgatory (not what I was expecting it to be, but I understood what it is now) One of the places He took me was the library in heaven. I met the librarian and saw the room with guards. I wasn’t allowed to go in, but He told me I would someday. Your description of what you saw was very similar to mine. I was thinking it was just an analogy, but my friend has also been there and she describes similar things and even met the librarian as I did. St. John has taken me several places and told me to write about heaven. I am so glad to read your experiences, they are very similar to mine. The Lord also told me to walk above the earth and live as a citizen of heaven. I know many of the benefits and blessings of being a citizen of heaven already. Also, he taught me a lot about music, frequencies and resonation, Every now and then He will add to that understanding. I am always aware of His presence, What you have said about DNA, he taught me some similar things. In a nutshell, that when Adam and Eve lived in His holy and divine will and then sinned, when they were kicked out of the garden their DNA was changed. Part of coming into union with God and His holy and Divine Will is getting that changed back, part our responsibility and part His. There is much more that is just a tidbit. Additionally, he taught me how to speak in the language of heaven. I have had to practice it a lot to be able to speak it. But, if someone is speaking to me from heaven now, such as saints, angels or the Blessed Mother, they insist that I do it, since they know I can. It is difficult and takes great focus in the beginning then as one gets in the Spirit, it gets a bit easier… so many similiarities. I have an online journal now to share what He has taught me.. God Bless you, keep writing and educating our brothers and sisters.

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