In the mentoring group, “Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms” through NW Ekklesia that’s part of the Kingdom Tribes forum, we discuss many things. Mostly, it’s about how to practice being in the presence of God. With that, comes dealing with stuff in our lives that keep us from going to that next level. This tidbit of information is taken from one of our sessions from the fall of 2017. What’s really cool about the mentoring sessions? You meet face-to-face with others who are on the same journey as you are. We can ask each other questions, see in the spirit with one another, and learn as a group how to function in the kingdom realms. If this is what you’re looking for, there are many opportunities to participate in mentoring groups through NW Ekklesia that begin in September and January of each year.

With that, I drew a picture – a picture of a mushroom cloud enveloping a mountain. How did I get this? Well, I saw it in the spirit when talking with Papa one day about some of the junk in my life and how to deal with it. And, I was preparing to talk about it with the “Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms” mentoring group. We all have stuff in our lives that’s triggered by an event. Most often, they are negative triggers. I love it when we begin to have positive triggers!

In this image, you can see how the mushroom cloud comes down over the top of a mountain. This is often called your “personal mountain” which in simple terms is everything about you, how you function, what you do, how you respond, etc. The personal mountain is represented by the dash-and-spaces inside the mushroom cloud. Likewise, the back side of the mountain is represented by the dash-and-spaces. Basically, the gateways are all around the mountain, much like the picture that Mike Parsons and Ian Clayton have. In their drawings, you’re looking at the mountain from the top view. This is the side view.

On the right side of the image, I’ve listed the names of each gateway but have only the first letter written on the mountain itself. You can see that the gateways are all around the mountain even though this image is looking at one side only. Sorry… my drawing skills could be better.

Before further explanation. If you don’t already have Ian Clayton’s book, “The Gateways of the Three-fold Nature of Man,” simply click on the title to order it from Amazon. To better understand terms and situations explained in this blog post, Ian’s book will help with that. In a nutshell, we have first love, spirit, soul, and body “gateways” in our lives that should flow freely with the life, light, and glory of God in and through them directly from the throne of Grace. When we release the life, glory, and light of YHVH into our lives, stuff gets cleaned up. But, it requires us doing something about it.

What I’m seeing is that when we’re on our seat of rest, we’re in the presence of God. And, we’re operating out of First Love (our first gateway) because in that place, we are “in Him.” Basically, one touches the other with our throne (our seat of rest) between the two. When we’re “in Him,” what’s in First Love then flows directly into the spirit. Then, from the spirit, it flows down the mountain in and through the soul and body gateways. What others see in us should come directly from the Throne of Grace that flows in and through all our gateways.

When we function out of soul, we’ve essentially cut off the top portion of the mountain. The closer we are to the bottom of the mountain, the further we are away from the presence of God. But, when we function from that position of rest, it allows the mushroom cloud to completely envelope everything below it. At any time, we can move around IN that position of rest and walk down the mountain bringing the Glory and Light of God with us or… IF we’re functioning out of soul, our function only goes at the level we’re behaving out of. Example – let’s say someone says something to totally torque you (make you super mad). You decide to gripe about it and hurl some interesting words towards that person. At that moment, you’ve just gone down to the soul level and aren’t giving the First Love and Spirit Gateways any say. That’s where the griping and interesting words come from… a soul that’s in control. But… when we bring our seat of rest with us, our reactions to these types of things are different. I think that’s one way we know where we’re at. Our first responses to the crap that goes on around us generally tells us which set of gateways we’re functioning out of.

As we learn to walk in that place of rest, I think that it’s much easier to actually divide the soul from the spirit because we’re doing it from being in the presence of God rather than trying to do it on our own (soul). Through the above picture, I’m getting a better visual of how functioning from the spirit works. When the soul bows down to the dictates of the spirit, our spirit is in control. When we function out of our spirit, the soul and body come under that alignment and are then subject to the dictates of the spirit. A meme that I made recently says “a soul in control stops the flow of the spirit.” I find this very true because the human DNA part of us rules by feelings, emotions, and actions. If you look at the soul and spirit gateways, you’ll see the difference between the two.

In “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner, he talks about going up a mountain and the closer he gets to the top, the further away the attacks are. He can see them from the top but they can’t reach him because of his position. As long as he stays at the top of the mountain, he’s good to go. What I’ve learned from this is that if we constantly look at what the enemy is doing, it takes our eyes off Papa. As we stay in that place of rest IN HIM, what the enemy does is irrelevant. The enemy truly is under our feet!


This “exercise” for the “Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms” mentoring group is about functioning from a place of rest no matter what goes on around us. Practicing the presence of God is all about pursuing God with all our strength and might. Our flesh (soul) doesn’t like that because it’s been allowed to rule and reign for as long as we’ve been alive. Like anything else, it takes practice to weed out the “stinkin’ thinkin” that tends to clog our minds. In a sense, it’s like weeding a garden so what’s going to produce fruit will overtake the non-fruit-bearing growth. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have beautiful roses in my garden than dandelions!

Blessings and happy practicing!





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