December 9

Song of the Month

Several months ago, my friend Seneca started her “Times and Seasons Healing Box.”  In our usual brainstorming sessions, we talked about eventually adding a song each month as part of the package. I then forgot about it for several months, not understanding how that could work. At that time, the concept was outside my “knower” box. The thought process had to marinate within me as I contemplated how this would look. Although I pondered over it once in a while, I didn’t actively pursue it until one day…

Finally, in the fall of 2017, I was chilling out (chillaxing) with Papa, having been praying in my prayer language. If I remember correctly, it came out of me asking questions about what more I could do with my music. A thought then popped into my head “You could do a song of the month and follow that up with an activation (exercise).” I knew it was the voice of the Holy Spirit reminding me of the discussion I’d had with Seneca several months before.

Duh! I’m not sure why I hadn’t remembered that before since this IS something I do for people. Case and point… the “Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms” series. In these lessons, I take music from my albums and add engagement exercises (via voice prompts) over the top of the music. In reality, that started out by accident because I had the music playing in my house when I did the first “engagement practice” recording for a friend. It was another “duh” moment where I realized it was kind of nice to have music in the background of an exercise. Don’t you love how Papa sets the stage for things we don’t even think about?

Anyway, brain now engaged, I’m putting that plan into motion. In January of 2018, I begin providing a “song of the month” for those who wish to subscribe.

Things happen around us – both in the natural and spiritual realms. Because of that, a song’s focus could be based on bringing peace to situations in the world or more than likely, it will be based on Seneca’s “Times and Seasons Healing Box.” Since I believe in several layers to any healing protocol, my goal is to add another layer incorporating musical frequencies with what others are doing. Feel free to sign up for one or both of our subscriptions! The “Times and Seasons Healing Box” is based on the Hebraic year.

For added bits of information because enquiring may want to know, I work closely with Seneca to make “sound essences” through Freedom Flowers (Seneca’s business).  If you’re curious about what sound essences do, check out my informational blog post on the subject. For more in-depth information on the song of the month, CLICK HERE.

What is unique about the song each month? With each song comes an engagement activation. You can either listen to the exercise over and over or… listen to my version for a bit and then create your own with the music alone. Eventually, after several months, you’ll have many songs to add to your library that are not on any album. They can be easily uploaded into iTunes or any other app for listening to music. If you use the program “Copytrans,” you can upload anything into iTunes without going through iTunes to do it. This includes adding any music to your tablet, iPod, or other types of MP3 players. Simply download Copytrans, open up the free version, and start downloading music onto your device!

Lastly, these songs are great for playing during sleep for those of you who are light sleepers, especially if you’d like keyboard music only with no added percussion.


How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription for the Song of the Month is $10 per month. You’ll set up the recurring payments via the prompts on the sign-up form through my sister site, Healing Frequencies Music.


What will I get?

I create an 8 to 10 minute instrumental song on my keyboard, with no percussion. Most of the time, unless I feel the leading to do something different, I’ll closely follow what Seneca has set up with her Times and Seasons Box. As I read over the materials for the Hebraic month, I get a sense of “points of practice.” What is a point of practice? It’s nothing other than taking something from a teaching or reading and building an exercise out of it so those thoughts are kept at the forefront of our minds. For any healing protocol, it’s important to be consistent. The “Song of the Month” is all about helping you practice what you’re trying to cement into your body, mind, and spirit. And, it’s done with the aid of music and the spoken word.

Each month, you’ll get the keyboard song. Along with that, I’ll add a voice-over with the monthly activation (exercise). Listen and participate in the activation as I walk you through it. Then, play the music by itself and create your own activation. Or, simply listen to the music and allow what’s in it to infuse your whole being.

An item to note – I will change the tuning each month. It all depends on which note I feel the song should be based on. Then, I choose the concert pitch from there. More than likely, it will be in the A=432 or A=444 tunings. Others could be the solfeggio frequencies (396, 417, 528, 639, 741 or 852). I’m also fond of the 713. To read more about that, check out the album “In the Resurrection Code.”


How do I sign up for the Song of the Month?

Signing up is easy! CLICK HERE and the form will open up. This is a monthly subscription for $10 per month. At the beginning of each month (probably no later than the 10th), you’ll receive the song via the e-mail you submit on the form.


If you sign up AFTER the 10th of the month, you’ll receive the next month’s song when it comes out. All subscriptions are paid in advance.



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