July 13

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After taking a few months to ponder over and ask Papa how He wanted the class for “Supernatural Encounters” to look, it is finally ready! By July 15th, all four sets of lessons will be up and ready for purchase in the following three formats:

  1. As a group of two classes for $25 each at the INDIVIDUAL level. This way, you purchase as you have the funds and time to practice.
  2. At the BASIC level for all four sets at $75. This way, you save $25 by purchasing them all at the same time!
  3. At the EXPANDED level where you get access to the group Facebook page for discussion along with 3 live (via phone or Skype) practice sessions where we do some exercises as a group. This version of the class costs $100.

If you choose to purchase the whole set prior to everything actually being up on the site, you can always download the remaining lessons as they are posted. It will take at least four weeks to go through the first four classes anyway… That’s my practice recommendation since this involves learning and then implementing new practice habits.

These are introductory prices for the class that may change as more materials are added. That will be determined by Supernatural Encounters Lesson 3 and 4need and what Papa has to say as I progress through these classes. I encourage you that if you really want to learn an effective way of practicing spiritual truths, sign up now during this introductory offer!


Engaging God, Going to Heaven, Practicing His Presence, Seeing in the Spirit, Spiritual Guidance, Supernatural Encounters

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