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Political Correctness


Over the past three years, I’ve had some interesting heavenly experiences concerning political figures and the USA’s governmental system in general. As an FYI, this is not a political post. However, I would like to challenge our current definition of political correctness. As Sons of God, we are to function from heaven to earth concerning what’s going on around us in a highly charged politically correct – or maybe not so correct atmosphere.

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Every four years, we elect a new president in the USA. Leading up to that time, we see a major amount of mudslinging from all sides. The goal seems to involve tearing down the opponent in order to do enough damage so everyone else “sees the light.” This includes twisting the truth and name calling. I find it interesting that this happens within parties as well as across party lines. Once a candidate is chosen within a party, everyone else is expected to back the “chosen one” despite all the mudslinging that’s happened up to that point. In social media land, degrading memes, jokes, mis-information, and other attacks are hurled towards pretty much everyone. Even when truth is obvious, people choose to see only their version of it. Deception has an amazing hold when we get entangled in its clutches. Newsflash! There is no one political party that’s exempt from this.

I’m reminded of Jezebel who brought idol worship into the land of Israel. Through a display of the amazing power of God, Elijah called down fire to burn up the alter of the Baal worshipers. Immediately, Jezebel was after Elijah. She never seemed to get it and only became more wicked as her life progressed and was eventually eaten up by dogs after being pushed over a balcony by the people she trusted. She’s the perfect example of what a hard heart does to someone. Her demise came about 20 years after the display of God’s power on Mount Carmel. To read a synopsis of Jezebel, CLICK HERE. Keep this story in mind as we go further into this article.

The true heart of Yahweh is that we should function from within HIS integrity and character, not our idea of what that looks like. Yahweh is NOT a respecter of persons and loves everyone equally despite what we’ve done. Our actions eventually determine our outcome. When we turn from wickedness and begin walking a righteous path, that changes the course of our lives. We all have choices. Those choices start with thoughts and intents that then lead to actions. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34). The Word also says they’ll know we are Yahweh’s followers by our demonstration of love. (John 13:35). Operating out of the love of God is the strongest possible frequency. We are to entrain and entangle with God’s love. It starts with aligning our thoughts, intents and actions with the very frequency of love. Not sure what I mean by that? CLICK HERE to read my article on thoughts, intents and actions.

I’m going to flat out state that at least 99% of the junk coming from the political arena flows from the opposite of love. What’s the opposite of love? It’s fear. Fear pretty much drives everything in our current politically correct arena. Why are we bashing and making fun of someone we don’t agree with? Why do we feel it’s necessary to post nasty memes about politicians we dislike or that are crooked? Why do we share news media reports that tout the wrong doings of any politician? It’s the childish behavior of “I told you so!” that makes us do such things. There may be some truth in what’s put out there. But, is it our job to continue spreading this stuff? It does appear that our news media has chosen to side with a favored political party. Is anything the news media outlets report truly accurate? What and who do we believe when everyone has their own agenda? We get those answers by sitting with Yahweh and seeing it through his eyes.

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If we want to have any effect on a negative political climate, we must learn to operate in the “opposite spirit.” That spirit is love. I’ll share a story concerning my tough lesson in understanding this concept… In a previous job, I had an abusive boss. She was eventually fired and I got a new boss that I really liked. At some point within the first three months of her ascending to the boss position, she got into fear because her higher-ups basically said I should be fired and the company should start from scratch with all new employees. She then made my life as miserable as possible in hopes that I’d quit. When I didn’t quit, I was invited to a meeting with another boss lady. Every ugly thing possible was said to me over a three-hour period. I’ve never heard such vile accusations against anyone in my life. The long and short of it? We agreed that I’d stay in the position for another four months to finish out my contract. One of the women hated me so much that she couldn’t even look me in the eye.  I had every reason to be angry with these women but I chose to not let their stinking thinking get to me. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. The main boss lady, I still really liked. I believed that she was walking in fear and that fear ruled her decisions. The other lady never liked me from the beginning and took it upon herself to degrade me every time she saw me. After our meeting, every time either of these ladies came to my work place, I welcomed them. I was friendly and cordial every time I saw them. I wasn’t going to let their anger rule me.

It’s now many years after this incident. I heard that some pretty horrible and sad things happened to the main boss lady. The work place fell a part and neither of these women are associated with that company any longer. While they were in power, they had continual problems with the people who held my position. I genuinely felt sadness for both of them, realizing that they were puppets of fear. I never wished ill will on them and I hoped they’d find a resolution to what caused the fear to begin with. I had to learn how to function from a position of love so that I wasn’t feeding the problem. There is a meme going around that says “don’t feed the fears.” That’s one I’ll subscribe to!

How does this compare to our current political climate? I believe true political correctness is about operating from a position of love rather than fear. When we post anything negative about a political situation, we’re spreading the disease of fear. When we share a victory of someone’s downfall, we’re spreading the frequencies of hate and fear. When we poke fun at political rivals by sharing meme’s, satirical stories, and jokes that are aimed at degrading them, we’ve bought into a lie. That’s not love at all, nor is it politically correct. We must ask ourselves the purpose for doing such things. Is it the “I told you so!” attitude? Or, is it to try and change someone’s mind? Is it to combat something else we’ve seen or heard? Why do we feel it’s our duty to do such things? This is not aimed at any one political party. And, I’m just as guilty as the next person for doing everything I mention above.

What is true political correctness? It’s functioning within the frequency of Love. As we see situations around us that are unrighteous, we must learn to go above the principalities and powers that rule what we’re seeing. What we see is only the symptom. In order to find the root cause, we must get to a higher position and see it through the eyes of Yahweh. We must learn to bless those who curse us. (Matt. 5:43-47). Also, we’re instructed to pray for our leaders despite whether we like them or not. (I Tim. 2:2) When we learn to see our leaders as Yahweh sees them, our heart changes. Remember that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If we’re angry and frustrated with someone, that will come out in our prayers.

Remember Jezebel and my bosses? They chose not to function out of God’s love. Eventually, that caught up with them. God’s heart is that all will turn towards love and function from that higher frequency – no personal agenda attached. As we learn to operate from that position of love, that frequency begins to resonate throughout the atmosphere because it oozes out of us. Those who choose to align themselves with it, change. Those who do not, have a different outcome. We reap what we sow. (Gal. 6:7-10) When we sow love, we reap love. When we sow hate and fear, we reap of its kind.

I encourage those reading this – when you see something come across social media or anything in the news concerning our political climate, decide if sharing demonstrates love. If it doesn’t, leave it alone. Then, from that position of being “IN Christ,” see it through his eyes. Decree and declare love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and the glory of God in and through that situation. Allow any weaker frequency to entrain and entangle with the strongest frequency of LOVE. Love does cover all. (I Peter 4:8) If you don’t know what else to do or you’re struggling with getting a right attitude, sing/pray in tongues. I’ve found that from a place of worship where I’m in adoration, reverence, and awe of God, I can take all the negative crap around me and infuse it with God’s awesomeness. Not only does it change my attitude but it changes the atmosphere. Are we going to be part of the solution or continue to spread fear and hate because we agree with a position that’s attacking another one of Yahweh’s beloved ones? It doesn’t matter what you think of the president of the USA, a governor or your state, a member of the house or senate, or any other governmental official. Step into the eyes of Jesus and see that person through the eyes of Love. Then, act out of love. That is truly functioning in political correctness.

Plain and simple – God is love. Let’s start demonstrating more of that so we can release Love’s frequency into our atmosphere. Once that becomes our focus, not only will we change but it will have an effect on those around us, which in turn releases a stronger and more beneficial frequency. Oh yeah, and it won’t necessarily be in our desired timing or like we think it will or should happen. Let’s not step into fear even if we see something contrary to what we’re releasing through love. Let’s be politically correct from the position of being in Christ in Love.

I decree and declare that love covers all, even in the midst of things we don’t understand. I release joy, peace, love, patience, kindness and the frequency of love into the political arena of the United States of America. May the Sons of God arise in love. We sow the goodness and awesomeness of Yahweh into every politician, every political party, and every citizen of our great country so that we walk in Yahweh’s integrity and character. I decree this for not only America but every country on our planet earth. Let love reign supreme!



© 2020 Del Hungerford


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