I have created instrumental music from live worship and through my own personal encounters with God. In the spring of 2015, Yahweh began to speak to me about recording spontaneous instrumental worship albums. To make a long story short, I basically sit down at the keyboard and let music flow from within me. I then go into the recording studio and add the percussion parts, also done spontaneously. All of my music involves praying in my prayer language, and speaking into it what I hear Yahweh say about the music. Three of the albums now have a corresponding music essence! See individual albums for links to purchase those.
NOTE: On Healing Frequencies Music, I keep the language neutral so I can let the music speak for itself. My intent is to bring people into relationship with Yahweh in addition to facilitating healing in the body, soul, and spirit. Listen to samples below, then click on the album title to be directed to Healing Frequencies Music to purchase the music as a CD or Download.

Click on album titles for links to download through Gumroad.

“I AM” – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 1

“Open Heaven” – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 2

“Into the Deep” – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 3

“Waves of Spirit” – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 4

“Cleansing Fire” – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 5

“Into His Presence”

“Open Gates”

528 Creative DNA (click HERE for corresponding music essence)

New Hope (Click HERE for the corresponding music essence)

Deep Calls to Deep (Click HERE for the corresponding music essence)

In the Resurrection Code

Bowls Before the Alter I

How my music is recorded…

Instruments that I use: Casio Previa keyboard along with a myriad of percussion instruments that include: drums, rattles, cymbals, bells, cabasa, shakers, chimes, various children’s toys, jars, bean pods, and a few other unconventional instruments. Basically, if it produces a pitch and/or has a nice sound, it’s available for use in the music. Keyboard tracks are recorded during live sessions at various locations (saved into the keyboard). The percussion parts are all added in the recording studio at the Washington State University School of Music with Dave Bjur as the recording engineer.
When I create music, after reflecting and experimenting for a bit, I simply begin to play and allow Yahweh to speak through my fingers. Eventually, stories of love, joy, peace, and comfort begin to emerge. I truly enjoy sitting at the keyboard and playing what I feel (and see with my spiritual eyes) coming from the inside of me. Everything is spontaneous, with no editing during the mixing process, including the percussion parts.