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Journey into Wholeness


Introduction to my next book!

Yes, I’m writing a new book! It’s titled Journey into Wholeness. My hope is that it will be out by the summer of 2018. With that, here’s some information from the introduction…

In 1994, I knew that I’d be writing a book about my marriage. In 2009, I published the book titled But Words Will Never Hurt Me. Even as I wrote it, I knew there would be another book coming several years later showing how I came into that wholeness. Why would I even think such a thing? In a sense, I had a glimpse of the future and knew everything would turn out for good. I truly believed the scripture that says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 KJV) I knew in my spirit the outcome of such brokenness would be a journey into wholeness. Why? Because when God says something, it’s truth. It’s a matter of me standing in faith on that truth despite what’s going on around me. Although it took some time for me to get to that place, I eventually did. Although some thought I was simply not able to let go of what happened to me, writing about my life was part of a healing journey. When I was going through this rough spot, I preferred hearing from people who walked in my shoes and not from a counselor who had never been in that place. I knew that if I felt that way, others would, too. Because of that, I wrote the book.

Maybe it’s my personality but I find it much easier to understand by example. You tell me something but the understanding generally comes when there’s an example attached to it. Not everyone learns that way but, since there are others who learn like me, I hope that my books can help you. For those who don’t need examples, you can learn from the truths I internalized while spending time with Jesus. Without understanding who we are in Christ, it’s pretty tough to move forward into anything. When we walk life’s journey “in Him,” it’s much easier to have forward motion. How that looks will be different for each one of us.

My writing allows you a peek into my personal life. As we walk out this thing called “life,” we tend to garner information from circumstances as well as from those around us. If we learn from our mistakes, that’s even better. When we don’t learn from our mistakes, we keep going around the same bush until we find the path out. In a sense, we get many chances to take the same test over and over until we graduate to the next one. The sooner we learn, the quicker we move forward. Life isn’t like college – when you take a test and flunk it, you don’t move onto the next lesson. When we try to push things and go ahead too soon, that’s when we often get into trouble. If you ever wondered why people get stuck in the same place, this might be one reason. Let me say here… there are things that happen to us that we have no control over. All forms of abuse and SRA (satanic ritual abuse) are two examples. Our choices can often determine how we walk through the healing process in those situations.

My own story? It really can be a lesson for all because I show you how I managed to learn from them so I could change a path, allowing me to move forward. Let’s face it, there is no one on this earth that hasn’t had something traumatic happen to them. Have you ever wondered why some people who survived the Holocaust managed to have productive lives? What about others who suffered horrific atrocities that lead fruitful lives? I bet it had something to do with their choices. Choices about forgiveness, choices about what they dwelt upon, choices about their thought life, etc.

There is an old saying “my pain is your gain.” There’s some truth to that because people who are willing to share their journeys, those journeys can help others. One can see how I started out as a fairly strong Christian, secure in my identity. All it took was my willingness to believe lies – lies from my husband. As I allowed those lies to take root, things began to fester. There was a point within the first year of the marriage, I almost left. However, religious thinking wouldn’t allow me to do it. Looking back now, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache. That’s in the past and I can’t beat myself up for those thoughts now. What I can do is look ahead. And, I did some of that through writing.

Somehow, I knew the answer to my problems was through intimacy with Yahweh. It took me realizing that I’m “in Him” to a greater extent than I’d learned before. Learning to understand and function from my identity in Christ is what saved my bacon in all of this. I had to learn what that meant, what it looked like, and what it felt like. It was a journey that started the moment I left my husband in 1999. It wasn’t until 2014 that I understood how to step beyond the veil to bring the next level of healing into my life. The next piece? It’s all about the “words of my mouth.” In doing all the research about frequencies, thoughts, intents, and desires, I realized that my words are truly a creative force! I had to learn to watch what came out of my mouth!

As I begin this new book, Journey into Wholeness, I focus on going from point “A” to point “B” and how I got there, even in the rough places. Way back in 1994, I had no clue how things would turn out. In fact, I had no idea that my book about marriage would focus on surviving an abusive marriage. Then, I thought the sequel to But Words Will Never Hurt Me would be about the natural healing process (forgiveness, inner healing, deliverance, etc.), not even realizing that everything must take place in the spiritual first. There was some forward motion but things didn’t start drastically changing for me until I learned to function on the other side of the veil. In other words, I learned to “come up here” as John talks about in Revelation 4:1. In Yahweh’s presence, we deal with things from a higher realm and bring them to be released here on earth. You want lasting change? Learn to function in the kingdom realms building that intimacy with the Trinity IN that place and the answers are there for the taking.

You may be wondering how I knew that I’d be writing books. It was confirmed through a prophetic word given to me at the Healing Rooms in 2003. The next was through another prophetic word at a conference by one of the speakers. I struggled with believing that I could be a writer, even though I knew in 1994 I’d be writing a book! I put the prophetic words on a shelf and forgot about them, probably because I didn’t believe I could write. Papa doesn’t give up on us! At some point, I finally pulled my head out, realizing that God was talking to me. From that point on, I began the journey as a writer. At first, I thought my dissertation (written in 2004) was part of that. What I think happened is the dissertation sparked my interest in the love of writing. In a sense, God used it to light a flame in me as a writer. Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking “She actually enjoyed writing her dissertation!?” When you’re passionate about something, it should be fun.

We can have the grandest plans in the world but until we decide to step into Yahweh’s plans, they aren’t going to be anything but a whim of a thought. It requires action – action on our part. In this case, I had to put the pen to the paper. It started by faith but out of those simple steps, more came. As of now, I have three books: But Words Will Never Hurt Me and Accessing the Kingdom Realms are two of my own. I collaborated with my friends Seneca and Alice for Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance.  Had I not taken the effort to journal, you would not be reading any of my writings. Even with my dissertation, it required simply sitting down and putting into writing what I knew about my topic. Even though it was part of a degree program, I learned much about writing through that process. I learned that if you want to write, start doing it! And, it can actually be fun, even it is IS a dissertation.

Stay tuned for more from my upcoming book! In the meantime, I’m working on the sequel to Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance with Seneca and Alice. Only this time, we aren’t going down the rabbit hole. We’ve decided to climb up a beanstalk. There’s so much prophetic insight to that story but, you’ll have to wait for more on that!


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