Additional On-line Courses:

Road to Heaven
There are many who offer training in learning how to be who you are in Christ and walk in WHO you’re called to be as a son of God. They have schools on their websites designed to provide you with the necessary materials to move into your area of responsibility and authority. I help you learn to practice what these amazing Sons of God are teaching. Because of my years as a classical musician, I have some insight into effective practice methods that should enable you to move forward in any type of learning situation. It really is all about HOW you practice. For out-of-the box schooling in the things of the Spirit, I recommend that you look into the schools listed below.
I am a part of BOTH schools and I can safely say, you will enjoy them! Their approaches are different simply because they are two different organizations. For Mike’s classes, as long as you stay registered for the program, you have access to the materials. Mike has a knack in making things very simple! For The Nest, there are weekly videos and many practice opportunities provided for you.

Ian Clayton

  • THE NEST courses last for a full year. It’s a three-year school.
  • Instructions on how to register are on The Nest site
  • Ian lives in New Zealand. Classes are conducted based on who the “principle” is for each of the three years
  • Course starts in January of each year
  • Several teachers in this course with many of the sessions being live where students can ask questions

Mike Parsons

  • “Engaging God Programme” is based off teachings Mike completed in his church and with a core group of people (the alpha group) over a year
  • Self-directed with possible opportunities to work with others
  • Sign up for a monthly fee to access the materials
  • Move at your own pace
  • Questions can be posted in the forum for others but these are self-help classes with no live teachings
  • NW Ekklesia is mentored by Mike Parsons and has a personal working relationship with him.

NW Ekklesia

What I love about NW Ekklesia is the organic approach they have to functioning as an ekklesia as outlined by Mike Parsons, Ian Clayton, Grant and Samantha Mahoney, Dr. O, and others who are on this journey of functioning as Sons of God through intimacy. NW Ekklesia has mentoring sessions where people get to actively participate in what they’re learning. This is done through Zoom conference calls and a forum setting (Kingdom Tribes). If you want community, this is the place to get it!

Other Resources

I work closely with Seneca Schurbon and Alice Briggs to provide a complete package of materials to help you along your spiritual journey. As with anything we do that’s new or even a stretch for us, stuff may come up that can hold us back. By having a materials already in place to assist you along your journey, should you need some emotional support, I’ve provided a way for you to get that support.
Emotional and Spiritual Healing from Alice: As you go through any type of spiritual renewal, stuff from your past may show up that keeps you from moving forward. This can be both generational as well as personal. Feel free to contact Alice by clicking on the link for more information on what she offers. Alice offers a course in generational healing. You will use the skills that you’ve learned in the Supernatural Encounters class to set yourself free from a lot of generational issues in her class. Many of those lessons involve seeing in the spirit to discover the roots of generational spiritual blockages.
Freedom Flowers with Seneca: Flower essences are meant to assist with emotional states as people walk through the many facets of life. As you begin any spiritual journey, things may come up where emotional support can be helpful. Click on the link for more information on the flower and music essences Seneca offers.