Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms – Full Class


Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms comes in eight lessons that include:

  • PDF lesson plans with links to helpful resources for each lesson
  • Teaching MP3 for each lesson
  • Lessons 4 – 8 also come with an activation exercise
  • Four songs from Healing Frequencies Music that aren’t on any albums for listening while you practice

NOTE: The four songs are NOT available with the individual lesson purchases. They are only available if you purchase the course as a whole.

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In this 8-lesson course, I walk you through the process of finding time throughout your day to practice learning to live in the kingdom realms. It’s all about “practicing” being in His presence and spending time there. Because I’m a professional musician by trade, I’ve simply utilized proper practice tools and applied them here. After learning how to practice, we go on some adventures together to be with Jesus, visit a garden, see and participate in worship in the throne room, and gain some insight through the strategy room in heaven.

Lessons come with:

  • Teaching PDF for each lesson with valuable resources to help you on your journey into sonship
  • MP3 audio lesson
  • Lessons 4 – 8 also have a practice exercise
  • And… there are FOUR songs not on any of my albums with lessons 4 – 8 so you have music with no speaking over it for your own engagement experiences!




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