It’s All About Frequency


Del Hungerford presents in “It’s All About Frequency” (audio and PDF) how cymatics, water memory, chromotherapy, sound essences, and flower essences can be used from a Godly perspective. Everything starts with thoughts, intents, and actions.

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The “It’s All About Frequency” presentation was given at The Gathering conference in Fife, Washington in July of 2018.

Many aspects of frequency are discussed in this audio presentation including:

  • Frequencies of thoughts, intents, words, and actions frame our world
  • Historical uses of sound
  • Cymatics
  • Chromotherapy
  • Water memory
  • Flower and sound essences
  • Healing Protocols
  • Helpful resources

In the presentation, Del Hungerford ties together what’s in nature with how we as “Sons of God” can use the knowledge given to us to fulfill what we’re called to do on earth. Ancients understood technologies that in our age, we view as “new age” thinking but in reality, tools were given to us to function in who we are meant to be. Part of that involves understand who we are in Christ and then implementing protocol that’s been handed down for generations. The starting point involves our thoughts, intents, and actions.

Included in this teaching set is the audio along with a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation that was used at the conference.


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