When you request a personal song for $75…

Resonant Frequency

this song is just for you! It’s all about what I feel Yahweh is saying to you for this moment. As you listen, I believe the frequencies in your song will be just what you need emotionally, physically, and even spiritually for this time. I encourage you that when you receive it, listen to it enough so that it becomes a part of you. If you’ve read the articles and blog posts on the Healing Frequencies Music site, you will know that matter has memory and that frequency is in everything. My intent when recording your song is that it will bring healing, comfort, joy, and peace to you as you listen. In addition, I send notes on what I sensed, felt, saw and/or heard during the creation of your song.

Request and Payment:

  • Cost: $75  Special note… The $75 covers my musical preparation (choosing keyboard patches), recording time and cost of materials. 
  • CLICK HERE to fill out the form (via Healing Frequencies Music)
  • Please allow two weeks for delivery (via e-mail in MP3 format)!

Upon receipt of payment, this is the process and time line:

  • The song will be about 12 to 15 minutes long and instrumental (keyboard) only. There is no percussion added in the personal songs.
  • If there’s a specific note or tuning you’d like me to use, please indicate that in the request form (below).
  • All music (unless otherwise requested) will be recorded in the A=432 concert pitch.
  • After some time in prayer (not part of the fee), I choose the keyboard “patches” and experiment with the sounds I feel Yahweh has for your song.
  • Once completed, I will e-mail your song to you in an MP3 format along with any notes I have for you about the process of creating your song.
  • Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Listen to Samples of Previous Personal Songs!

Each Song is specifically created for the person who orders it. These three samples provide an idea for you in the variety of sounds that are used for personal songs. The titles have been changed to reflect the character of the song.

Bravely You

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Why Should I Pay for a Personal Song?


The scriptures (below), I’ve borrowed from the Nehemiah Project.  I suggest that you read the article.

I do not have a ministry… I’m a business woman and use my musical training in what I do. I charge the same fees that I do for teaching a private lesson. You are paying for my time in preparing this song for you.

Why is it important to pay a fair price in doing business with other Christians?

  1. It enables us to honor others for their products and services – I Timothy 5:18, Romans 12:10
  2. It enables us to pay for our own provision – 2 Thessalonians 3:10
  3. It allows Christian entrepreneurs to provide for themselves and their families – I Timothy 5:8
  4. It allows us to support each other – Philippians 2:1-4
  5. It enables us to build profitable businesses – Matthew 25:28-30
  6. It enables kingdom entrepreneurs to be generous through their giving – Ephesians 4:28
  7. It enables us to be good stewards over the resources God has entrusted to us – Matthew 19:21, I Corinthians 4:2

(borrowed from The Nehemiah Project)

treble staff

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